Monday, 27 February 2012

I can be your china doll

jumper: h&m
skirt: topshop
earrings: topshop
rings: topshop
nails: opi skull and glossbones
lips: mac chili

I've officially had the most unsuccessful day ever. Not only did I not manage to get to town due to the torrential down-pour which is becoming all too typical in Leeds, but I also dropped a litre bottle of soy sauce all over the kitchen floor so pretty much spent the whole day cleaning that up! Now our entire house smells of soy sauce no matter how much you spray Febreeze. This is the outfit I planned to wear into town until the rain ruined my plans so I've spent the day doing some work instead. I bought this jumper last week from the menswear section in H&M. I've been looking for a really nice baggy cream jumper ever since I saw Rihanna at the Brits looking effortlessly cool as usual. This was £25.99 and I really like the loose fit and cable knit effect, pretty much my perfect jumper regardless of it being fit for a male. I wore this bodycon skirt which is really thin stripes of grey and white but it hasn't come across too clearly on the photographs as my camera is slowly dying on me.

The earrings are slightly overboard for during the day but I've lost one of my small Urban Outfitter cross earrings so these were the next best option. I've been wearing coloured lips all the time lately, Chili by Mac is a dark red lipstick with a matte texture so it's perfect for daytime as it doesn't smudge and isn't too bright. I've been looking for a pillarbox red lipstick lately but the Mac one I was after has sold out so I'm still on the hunt...they all seem to be too dark or too pink.


  1. such a lovely outfit :) everything is so cute especially your nail design with the little bow on it!


  2. Those earrings are amazing! Love the jumper too, can't believe it's from the Men's section, they get all the best clothes!X