Monday, 20 February 2012

Ethereal Harmony

I haven't left the house recently due to work overload so thought I'd post some of my most recent design work that has been taking over my life. This project was based upon the heritage of Leeds and you could take this in pretty much any direction and give it a modern twist. I focused upon the countryside of Leeds and visited areas like Bolton Abbey to take photos and get inspiration. I then developed this inspiration into a trend called 'Ethereal Harmony' which reflects the fresh atmosphere of the countryside with lightweight chiffon fabrics and the various textures of the rippling rivers and hard pebbles through knitted fabrics and stud embellishments. I then created a colour palette and a fabric board and began creating a design development journal trying out a variety of shapes and styles. These images show my final three outfits as flat drawings and illustrations so this is final outcome.

I'm not completely happy with my illustrations as I created them on photoshop, printed them off and then sketched on top of them to make them more realistic. I also used watercolour which made the paper ripple so when I scanned them back in they didn't look exactly how I wanted them. The hand in date is Thursday so I've got a few tweeks to add to some various bits and bobs and then I'm all ready, phew!

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