Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Today I bought #14

st moriz self-tan: home bargains

This may look a little extreme but I've been deprived of St. Moriz over the holidays as I always buy it when I'm in Leeds and have no idea where they sell it at home. I well and truly stocked up on it today to make up for lost time! I've tried sooo many fake tans and this is honestly the best one that I've come across. I find that Fake Bake doesn't stay on once you wash it off after the 6 hour development time and neither does St. Tropez. I always buy a mousse self-tan because moisturisers usually leave streaks and patches and the spray is just too messy. St. Moriz is priced at £2.99 and even though it sounds really cheap and tacky it actually stays on really well and produces a really nice golden tan. I buy the 'dark' shade but it's really not that dark once you've washed it off and it means you only need to repeat the process once or twice to get a good shade. Wonder how long these 5 bottles will last me...


  1. I am a huge fan of St Moriz! I'd say it's pretty much exactly the same as St Tropez and a fraction of the price. Soo good.

  2. I love St Moriz too! I get the light version because I'm deathly pale!

  3. I've been using these for a while. They last so long aswell, you definitely have a good supply there!

  4. Ive used St Moriz and was very impressed with it. Unfortunately it doesn't take to my shins (i have no idea why?!) so I've switched to Lauren's Way tanning lotion.

    Holli x