Thursday, 12 January 2012

Today I bought #13

shoes: jeffrey campbell

I know every blogger in the entire world has a pair of Jeffrey Campbells at the moment but I couldn't resist these cream lace ones, they're just so beautiful! I've wanted a pair for a pretty long time but could never be bothered with ordering online in case they didn't fit and the whole faff of returning them. I saw these on Solestruck the other day but they had all sold out so you can imagine how much I screamed when I saw them in good old Harvey Nick's today! They were £100 which is really weird as the plain black leather Lita's are £110 so that slightly confused me. They don't have a massive range in there, just a few pairs of Lita's and some studded flats. I'm really scared about them getting completely trashed on a night out so I'm saving these bad boys for sophisticated venues - no drunken stumbling states.


  1. Eeeeep you lucky thing!

  2. They're gorgeous, I havn't purchased any at all imagine but I reckon it won't be long!