Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Product review #2

vo5 hot oil: boots

Sorry this isn't an outfit post! I'm back in Leeds doing my exams and all my housemates are at home so there's nobody around to take photographs for me, I'll do some on the weekend when I'm back. Thought I'd continue with the product reviews as I've only done one. I bought this Vo5 Hot Oil from Boots last weekend as I've run out of my trusty Moroccan Oil and thought this would be a good/ cheap alternative. You use this hot oil whilst you are in the shower on wet hair but before you shampoo your hair leaving it on your hair for around 1 minute. You then wash it out and shampoo and condition your hair as normal and it aims to reconstruct damaged hair that is dry and 'rebellious'. I've only tried to product out once since I've bought it and obviously I wear extensions so the majority of my hair is not natural. However, when combing through my natural hair I did find it felt slightly softer but I'm guessing you may have to use this for a couple of weeks to notice a difference. It was pretty cheap, around £5-6 I think but I haven't got the receipt handy to double check. I'm gonna give it another go on Thursday when I next wash my hair and see if the results have improved.


  1. This looks good i used a hair mask myself last night, hair needed some tlc! Also just to let you know I passed on the kreativ blogger award to you, the post is on my blog!

  2. Thank you, that's very lovely of you! x