Sunday, 22 January 2012

Back to reality

jumper: topshop
shirt: american apparel
skirt: topshop
bow tie: diy
watch: michael kors
stone rings: topshop
heart ring: forever 21
ear cuff: topshop
nails: topshop mannequin

Nearly had a repeat of the other day where all of my items were from Topshop but closely avoided it by adding an American Apparel black shirt, phew! I bought this jumper a couple of days ago from the 'last chance to buy' section, I'd seen it around months ago but never got round to buying it. I love the textured knit with the beige tones (we all know how much I love my beige/nudes) and also it's made from cotton so isn't itchy. I've had this cross embellished skirt for a few months now and it always comes in handy when I fancy wearing something loose. I made the bow tie from a rectangle of black fabric and a piece of elastic years ago for a Halloween outfit but it looks cute with a buttoned up shirt as well.

I also bought this ear cuff the other day as I've been looking for a gold one everywhere but could only find silver. I think it was around £5-£7 which is usual Topshop standard and it stays on my ear really well which I was pretty surprised at. I'm heading back to Leeds tomorrow, got to spend the whole of tonight packing my entire wardrobe into one suitcase...not going to happen!


  1. I love your earrings and your hair <3

  2. I love the ear cuff, I've also been looking for one, this one looks amazing, I might have to look into it! :) xx

  3. Lovely outfit, love knits too! Your ear cuff is really nice on, want one so bad!