Saturday, 31 December 2011

Party like it's 1999

blouse: topshop
leggings: american apparel
wedges: topshop

I found my camera charger seconds before I was about to leave the house last night. I didn't have time to wait for my camera to charge so it's iphone snaps again I'm afraid. I wore this outfit to a family meal last night, managed to spill food down my blouse so it's currently soaking in the sink! I love this striped sheer blouse because it's pretty simple but easily brings an outfit alive if the rest of the clothing is pretty plain. I bought these leggings a while back but I wasn't quite sure about them, they're a shiny spandex fabric in a grey/lilac shade and I thought they'd be unflattering but I actually quite like them. I really want these leggings in a dark navy blue as well but they're all out of stock on the website. My American Apparel obsession continues...

Hope everyone has a fabulous night tonight, I'm spending mine at The Cube restaurant/ bar in Birmingham and then off to Gatecrasher. I've had a bit of a battle with my outfit, I'm planning to wear my All Saints sequin skirt with the Topshop sequin camisole but I'm not sure if the sequin + sequin look is slightly too much. I'll hopefully take some photographs before I leave, if not I'll post some from my night out, Happy New Year everyone!

Friday, 30 December 2011

All time love

crop top: american apparel
leggings: american apparel
boots: topshop
rings: topshop

Obviously this is not my usual style of outfit post, I've lost my camera charger so I've had to do a snap on my iphone instead so apologies for the poor quality. I wore this outfit out last night and as you can probably tell I have a slight obsession with American Apparel at the moment. I know the clothing can be a little over-priced but I think the majority of it is good quality and I like the fact the shapes are basic and available in such a wide variety of colours. I bought this oatmeal crop top whilst I was in London a couple of weeks back, I have a feeling it was £33 but don't quote me on that. I also wore the shiny black high-waisted leggings which are incredibly comfortable, keep getting told I dress like Sandy from Grease but I'm not complaining!

I've just discovered how awful the shoe sales are this year. I went to Merry Hill to find some 'elegant' heels for nye as mine are all scuffed and chunky but literally couldn't find anything, not even any I'd begin to consider. Oh well, looks like I'll have to give my wedges a scrub and hope for the best. I also bought these three rings from the Topshop sale today which I really like, they were all half price so averaged to about £4 each which is pretty good. I broke my double cross ring today whilst driving, it got caught to my cardigan somehow (?!) so these can be my new substitutes.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Today I bought #11

sequin top: topshop
knitted vest: topshop
skirt: all saints
perfume: elie saab

It only dawned on me the other day that it's actually New Year's Eve this weekend which I'm not overly keen on - never had an amazing one so always kinda dread it. Managed to fight my way through the chaotic Bullring sales and found this sequin cropped cami which was reduced from £30 to £15. The photograph doesn't give it much justice but it's actually a really nice rose gold tone and the sequins aren't scratchy. I also bit the bullet and bought this Bloque mini skirt which I've had my eye on for so long but couldn't face the £165 price tag. I know it's slightly extreme (for such a small skirt) but I reckon I'll get quite a lot of wear out of it because you can wear it during winter and summer with different combinations. I also picked up this knitted cross vest just because it looks easy to wear and is my kind of style at the moment. 

My lovely brother gave me a £50 Selfridge's voucher for Christmas which I decided to spend on a new perfume as I'm currently using up the last few squirts of my trusty Hermes. My favourite is the Jimmy Choo scent but they had none left in stock so I chose Elie Saab which was decently priced at £40 for 150ml and has a really light, sweet scent which I always go for. My sister tells me I constantly smell like haribo but I can't stand those really strong authentic scents, makes me feel like a middle-aged woman.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

That time of year

blouse: new look
skirt: primark
boots: topshop
ring: topshop
lips: gaga2 mac lipstick, nearly-red mac lipliner
nails: opi

I'm actually really proud of myself that I've managed to do an outfit post on Xmas day, I've been completely useless lately so thought I'd make the effort. Today has been rather hectic - looked after my 5 nephews/ cousins all day, helped stuff the turkey (worst experience of my life) and nursed drunk family members! I wore this sleeveless blouse with the crystal collar which I bought during the summer but never got round to wearing it. I fancied wearing something with a bit of sparkle seeing as it's christmas and all so thought this was perfect. I practically live in this leather-look pleated skirt at the moment, it was cheap as chips and goes with pretty much everything. I also raided my jewellery box for something slightly silver to match my collar and came across this pretty cool ring which is about 3 years old but I remembered how much I used to love it. Definitely gonna bring this one out more often.

I hope everyone's had a lovely christmas and spent it with the people who mean the most. I don't know about you, but I plan to hit the sales hard on Tuesday and come out with some right bargains. I'm pretty lazy when it comes to shopping and usually avoid sales but this year I'm determined. I'll be sure to post any wins I come across on my travels.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Lusting after #9

both items: topshop

Currently taking part in my daily midnight browse of the Topshop website and I've come across a fair few things which I plan to spend my wages on (yes, I had my first ever pay cheque through!). I really love my textured knitwear at the moment, especially the marl/speckled knits in neutral shades so this cardigan immediately caught my eye. It looks as if it would be really comfortable but I always like to try items like this on in the shop so I can see the quality of the knitwear and check it's not itchy. I also love this gold ring just to add to my large ring collection, I still haven't got used to wearing silver jewellery I'm afraid, it's just not me!

Just a quick note as I'm in a rather reflective mood - I have had my fair share of negative comments over the years about looking too 'fake' with my eyelashes/nails/extensions, wearing too much make-up and sometimes 'revealing' clothing. The photos I post on my blog fully represent my personal style and what I wear on a daily basis, I'm not saying this is what people have to like or how people should be dressing. After all, fashion wouldn't exist if we all dressed the same. Believe it or not, every morning I wake up and do a full face of make-up as this is how I like to look even if I'm just popping to the local shops which some people find hard to believe. I also think that people who make these comments need to remember that you wouldn't approach somebody in the street and tell them you don't like the way they look so being behind a computer screen is no different. Anyway, rant over just thought I'd express something which has been on my mind lately. As for those who are leaving me all these lovely comments they are very much appreciated!

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Holy Sunday

jumper: forever 21
dress: topshop
necklace: topshop
earrings: urban outfitters
cross double ring: miss selfridge
stone ring: new look
lips: lady gaga for mac

Had a lovely Sunday roast at my sister's house in Keele and my mom baked a huge chocolate fudge cake which I'm now going to have to spend 2947202 hours in the gym working off! I wore this Peter Pan collar dress which I've had for years and it never fails me. Someone once told me it's actually meant to be a top but hey ho, I'm a shorty so it doesn't matter! I bought this cropped jumper a while ago and it's pretty shapeless but really comfortable and I love the cream/nude marl texture. 

I'm not sure if my darkened roots are a little too dark for my liking but I've only washed it once since I had it done so I'm sure they will start to fade. I had my nails done with acrylics on Friday for the first time in about a year, I usually just do my own stick-on falsies but over the Xmas period it's useful to have a reliable set that won't pop off on a night out! I decided on the good old ombre style with three OPI nail varnishes from a dark brown to light mink shade. This means they'll pretty much go with everything I'll be wearing over the holidays and should last about 3 weeks. Can't believe it's only a week till Xmas, we haven't even put our tree up yet...

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Product review #1

Dr Sebagh Breakout Cleaner (£25.00)

I've decided to start featuring product review posts for my blog as I'm always buying new beauty products and this will remind me to actually use them rather than stash them away in a box for years. I bought this Dr. Sebagh Breakout Cleanser whilst I was in London from Harvey Nichols, my sister used to suffer from bad skin and she used Dr. Sebagh products religiously. I don't usually have bad breakouts but lately due to the unhygienic student life I've been living my skin has definitely suffered. And I'm sure every girl can relate to feeling like everything you wear looks absolutely awful along with your make-up just because you've got a few spots.

This is a foaming cleanser which you use morning and evening by applying directly to your skin and massaging into your face in a circulation motion for a few seconds. You then soak a flannel in hot water and wash the cleanser off with different sections of the flannel. I highly recommend this product, I've only being using it for a few days but I can already see a huge difference. Not only is my skin feeling softer and cleaner in general, but I have had no more spots appear and dark marks from where spots have previously been have now faded. I know the product is a high-end product and can be considered fairly pricey but it is definitely worth the extra money!

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Merry me

t-shirt: topshop
cardigan: zara
shorts: topshop
gilet: river island
boots: topshop
bag: chanel
necklace: forever 21

At last, an outfit post! I didn't get round to featuring any of the outfits I wore whilst visiting London, everything was a mad rush and I ended up staying an extra day. I was rather apprehensive about my hairdresser's appointment today because I'm always scared I'm gonna come out bald/ginger and they never seem to style my hair the way I like it. I love this ombre style as it is very low maintenance but I find my roots fade quite quickly so I was in need of a top up. These photos were taken before I left, my roots are slightly darker and lower so I will try and take some new photos tomorrow. 

I bought this parka gilet when I was in London which I'd previously seen on the website but presumed they had all sold out. They only had a size 6 left which is actually surprisingly big and I think if they had my size I wouldn't have bought it bigger anyway. I also bought the Alexandra boots whilst I was in London which I originally wanted in the taupe shade but they sold out and have been discontinued so I managed to snap up this maroon/ burgundy shade which I rather like. I do have loads more items which I need to photograph from my London purchases so I'll try and get round to that asap.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Today I bought #10

vest: topshop
dress: hearts & bows
eyelashes: boots
primer: no.7
nailvarnish: topshop (mannequin, forget me not)

I know at the moment all my posts are mainly 'Today I bought' but I've been ill for the past few days so outfit posts have been the last thing I've been up for doing! I left the house today for the first time since Thursday and had a quick spree around Merry Hill which was stupidly busy, Xmas has definitely arrived. I ended up buying this grey drop-back vest from Topshop just as a basic item for my wardrobe which I can throw on with a pair of leggings or shorts. It only cost £10 which caught me by surprise as even their basic items are usually £14-£16. I also raided the make-up section which I never usually look at and bought these two nail varnishes, I've used the mannequin one today which is shown in the last photo along with some roses and pearls I ordered from Ebay. I also bought the Topshop lipstick in Beguiled which is a deep wine colour but I stupidly forgot to photograph it, I'm not with it today! Tried to pay in Boots and removed my card without even typing in my pin code.

I had time to kill so ended up mooching around Ark which I usually walk straight past but they've got some really nice going out dresses in there. I ended up buying this leather-look black dress, it was a tie between this and a long-sleeve monochrome aztec one but I hate long sleeves on a night out. I'll definitely be popping into there again sometime soon they had a really good selection. I also bought this No.7 primer which I've read positive reviews on for a matte finish along with these eyelashes as they didn't have my usual Eyelure ones again! Off to London tomorrow for some major Xmas shopping so expect another 'Today I bought' along with an outfit post if I have time in the morning.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Today I bought #9

body: asos
crop top: asos

Since I've been stuck in bed for the past 2 days I've resorted internet shopping which can only result in one thing - buying things I don't actually need. I've got a few nights out coming up next week and I've been after some basic tops which I can wear with my disco shorts and various pairs of leggings. I came across this grey marl body which has a casual style with low armholes and a low back but could be easily be dressed up with some jewellery and red lippy. It cost £15 which is fairly cheap and I'm just hoping that when it arrives I like the fabric as this is my main concern with asos - bad quality fabric. I also bought this polo neck crop which is similar to the ones available in American Apparel but a lot cheaper at £8. I'm not sure the polo neck style will suit me plus I've never felt comfortable with things around my neck but I'll see how it goes.

First time for everything

I mentioned a while back about posting some of my university work onto my blog but I wanted to wait until I'd finished my design project so I could show the end results rather than pages of sketches. The project was based upon Yohji Yamamoto, a Japanese conceptual designer who I had come across before but can't say his collections were my style. My collection was influenced by an androgynous trend which was mysterious and dark.

These illustration boards show the final 10 outfits I produced, as you can see they are predominantly black with flashes of maroon and grey. The androgynous trend can be seen through the masculine tailoring and draped shapes which have been combined with sheer fabrics to bring through the feminine qualities.

When it comes to designing, I tend to design clothing which I would personally wear and this is mainly because I've always had a wide taste when it comes to fashion and think my taste covers a large majority of girls my age. However, I do think this will work against me in the future and believe I need to broaden my horizons so I'm not designing the 'safer' styles. Always room for improvement and it just so happens I've been struck by a severe case of the flu (obviously an exaggeration) which means plenty of time for doodles.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Oh the possibilities

blouse: primark
scarf: miss selfridge
leggings: topshop
double ring: miss selfridge
earrings: urban outfitters
ear cuff: miss selfridge
nails: barry m

For some reason the quality of these photos are really poor, I think my camera is slowly dying on me which means a new one has been added to my xmas wishlist. I'm just on my way to handing in my design project which is a MASSIVE relief! This blouse is really old but it never fails to provide for me when I can't be bothered to search through the hidden depths of my wardrobe. The lace bow didn't come with the blouse, it's a headband from Topshop which I did a bit of the old DIY with. I never wear pink so this scarf is a big step for me, I just think it's far too girly as a colour and don't think it suits my slightly 'orange' skintone. I'm also wearing some of my new jewellery which I featured in my previous post. I'm actually surprised that the ear cuff has stayed on but I haven't left the house yet so I won't speak too soon.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Today I bought #8

blouse: primark
cardigan: zara
bronzer: nars
jewellery: miss selfridge

Apologies for completely abandoning my blog lately, I've been so caught up in my deadlines for this week that I've barely even stopped to eat! I was planning on doing an outfit post today but the day got carried away and I ended up getting caught in a hailstorm which was not a good look. I popped into town today for some retail therapy after all this work I've been doing and treated myself to a few bits and bobs. I exchanged some things at Primark for this blouse which I thought looked pretty good considering it was only £10 and I can take the bow off and use it on different blouses. I've been wearing my mom's black cardigan religiously so decided to buy my own lightweight one from Zara which was £19.99 and has a really slouchy style and is easy to fit under my thick winter coats which can sometimes be a struggle when you're wearing multiple layers.

My friend recommended this Nars Multiple Bronzer and I also read a review about it on Millie Mackintosh's Make-up Blog. It can be used as a highlighter/ bronzer on your cheeks and also on your eyes creating a really glowy effect. The shade I bought is called Luma and has a slight sparkle in it, these are priced at £29.99 but I'd say they're definitely worth the price. I also had a splurge in Miss Selfridge jewellery section after browsing the website last night and ended up buying a hand chain, a double cross ring and a ear cuff. No doubt these will be featuring on my blog soon!