Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Today I bought #7

coat: river island

Okay, so this is a slight porky pie as I didn't actually buy this today. Technically I bought it on Sunday because I originally bought it in a size 10 but when I tried it on at the home the shoulders and arms seemed a really strange fit (and I have really short arms so I'm certain they're meant to be slightly cropped!) So I went back and swapped it for another size 10 which I got a very strange look from the guy behind the counter for but this one was a better fit and not so uncomfortable. I fell in love with this coat when I first saw it a few weeks ago but the price tag of £100 turned me off. I purchased it as an early Xmas present to myself, plus the gail force winds in Leeds means I need something warm (perfect excuse).

Monday, 28 November 2011

Cross my heart

blouse: topshop
gilet: river island
skirt: topshop
earrings: urban outfitters
bracelet: all saints
aztec ring: primark
lipstick: kate moss for rimmel

I have to admit I found Breaking Dawn a huuuuuge let down! I'm not a true 'Twi-hard' or anything but I did enjoy the first one but all the rest have got worse and worse. I certainly dressed for the occasion with all my cross-attire anyway! My mom surprised me with this mongolian fur gilet as an early Xmas present, it's made from real leather so it was pretty pricey but it is absolutely gorgeous and I don't plan on taking it off for the next few months. I also bought this striped blouse the other day during my shopping trip and it's already become a staple piece within my wardrobe. I've been wearing it over my black playsuit or with skirts like this cross embellished skirt but I would also consider wearing it tucked into my disco shorts on a night out. I'm always tempted by clothing which is adaptable for day and night.

I ordered some nail bits from Ebay the other week including these large pearls which I've created an accent nail design with. I used a Chanel nail varnish (I'm not sure what shade as it's in the other room and I can't be bothered to move!) and then stuck them on over the top using a nail glue. I'm actually eally fond of this design and might try it again with some smaller pearls but I can imagine that being rather fiddly. I'm back in Leeds tomorrow and dreading how busy the week ahead is going to be. Oh well, only 4 weeks till Xmas!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Lusting after #8

wedges: miss selfridge
bag: river island

My lovely momma cooked the most fabulous Sunday roast today so now I'm tucked up in bed feeling stuffed and watching Sex and The City...and browsing clothing websites of course! I saw these wedges when I went shopping on Friday, they are super cool with the large buckles and stud detailing. The only teeny tiny thing which put me off was the heel wasn't actually that high plus the fact they were £75 so definitely another addition to my Xmas list which so far consists of shoes, shoes and more shoes. I also saw this huuuuuge bag on my shopping trip, I'm not entirely sure what occasions this would come in useful but who cares, it's beautiful! Again it's priced at £150 so wasn't that tempted to splash out on a bag which I'm not going to be using most days. 

I've decided to stay home for an extra day just to relish the home-cooked meals and central heating plus I work much better at home as there are less distractions (and the internet is slower so I don't spend my day watching 90210!) I'm off to the cinema to see the new Twilight movie...I'm not getting my hopes up as I've heard many mixed reviews but I'll be sure to do an outfit post.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Today I bought #6

sleeveless blouse: topshop
triple collar blouse: miss selfridge
leggings: topshop

The Bullring was absolute mayhem so I was in one of those moods where I wanted to get in and out of shops as quickly as possible before I suffocated. I didn't manage to find the Galaxy Leggings from Miss Selfridge but I came across these Topshop Space Leggings which are actually much brighter in person and I think I prefer them to the other ones anyway. I also bought this striped blouse which I've had my eye on for a while, we all know I'm a big fan of stripes and can't resist anything sheer! I also came across this triple collar blouse in Miss Selfridge which I thought was really unusual as it has three contrasting collars with a bright button stand and slits down the sleeves which aren't visible in the image. 

I also purchased some other bits and bobs such as my Eyelure eyelashes and a new Rimmel Lash Accelerator mascara which I swear by. I'm beyond annoyed with myself though...I took advantage of the 20% discount in Selfridge's today and treated myself to some new Mac Studio Fix foundation, a Mac Mineral face powder and a Nars thick eyeliner, then what did I do? I managed to somehow lose the bag between there and my car, I tried ringing up all the shops but no luck! I'm so gutted and angry at myself! I've just been online and re-ordered the products as I'm really in need of new face make-up and these ones were just perfect. Oh well, c'est la vie!

Thursday, 24 November 2011


t-shirt: topshop
skirt: forver 21
faux fur gilet: zara
bracelet: all saints
necklace: topshop

I'm back home for the weekend and boy does it feel good to be in a lovely warm house with my mom's home-cooked food! You completely forget how good you have it before you move to university and live off chicken and pringles. I've straightened my hair today for the first time in about 3 years and developed a semi side fringe, I feel like I'm about 16 again! I'm not sure why I decided to do this, I always use the same curling tongs as I hate my hair being flat but I'm actually quite enjoying this look.

The idiot that I am, I am forgot to bring home any form of jacket/cardigan so I raided my mom's wardrobe and found this grey faux-fur gilet which is really comfortable and goes perfectly with the tiger vest I can't get enough of at the moment. The skirt look like a dalmation pattern on the photographs but it's just a circular pattern when you look closely. I haven't taken any nail photos as I've just removed all my falsies and plan on doing a new set tonight with my new little bits and bobs which have arrived in the post. I'm off for dinner with my friends from home who I haven't seen in a lifetime, gonna stuff my face and relish the taste of real food.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

I'll try anything once

top: zara
shorts: american apparel
boots: kurt geiger
necklace: forever 21

I'm trying to step out of my 'gold only' zone lately, I never wear silver and there's so much lovely silver jewellery and accessories out there at the moment but I keep turning a blind eye. So to kick start this new phase I wore my silver slouched t-shirt which I bought during the summer whilst I was in Marbella but then realised that I didn't have anything to go with it. It's made from 100% polyester and I'm not going to lie, it is kinda scratchy to wear but I've worn a vest underneath so it's not too bad. I've worn my disco shorts over some thick black tights because they always ride up and are slightly inappropriate during the day time! I also bought the necklace a lifetime ago and I've only worn it once but it was a complete bargain around £4 and really compliments the silver t-shirt. The boots are a classic pair of Kurt Geiger biker boots which I always bring out during the winter because they never seem to go out of fashion and really fit in with the 'grunge/rock' look which is going about at the moment.

I'm really looking forward to going home this weekend, can't wait for some home cooked food and climbing into my own clean bed without the sound of drunken students in the street! I'm planning on going on a big shopping trip to the Bullring at some point this weekend so I'll be sure to post about any new purchases (as long as I'm not too poor :-(!)

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Today I bought #5

studded slippers: topshop
lace crop: h&m
cross vest: topshop
collar top: primark
eyelashes: superdrug

My shopping trip was quite the success but I didn't manage to find the Galaxy leggings from Miss Selfridge which was disappointing so looks like I'll be ordering them online. I've been looking for the Topshop Vectra slippers for ages and they had two pairs left in the Leeds store so I snapped them up along with this cross top which I've borrowed off my housemate before and really liked it. They had a new collection within H&M today called 'Conscious' which is where I found this lace/velvet crop top. I tried it on with a pair of high-waisted leggings but also reckon it'll look good with my disco shorts on a night out. As you can see I've been buying/ wearing mostly dark colours lately so I bought this Peter Pan top to brighten things up which has a pastel floral print and is quite loose fitting so will look good with my ripped denim shorts and some little frilly socks. 

I always buy the same Eyelure eyelashes from Boots but they had none left so I went into Superdrug and tried their new own brand of false eyelashes. I haven't tried them yet so I have no idea what they'll look like as I'm so stuck in my own ways with my Eyelure ones! They had a really wide range but I went for Edition 31 which looked the fullest and longest. I'm dashing to get ready for work at the moment and praying the dresses we're wearing tonight aren't completely hideous, fingers crossed!

Friday, 18 November 2011

Lusting after #7

leggings: miss selfridge
shoes: river island

I haven't been shopping in such a long time that I've resorted to making a list of everything I want from the websites and then getting depressed because I can't have them! Definitely planning on heading into town tomorrow to treat myself to a few little purchases. The print on these leggings are amazing, I've been wearing a lot of dark colours at the moment so these would fit in perfectly along with my Diva Mac lipstick. They are priced at £25 which is within my price range for once, these need to be snapped up immediately! 

The wedges are slightly more expensive...£100 which isn't terrible but I still don't think I'll be buying them anytime soon. I've seen loads of shoes around at the moment with these Sam Edelman style stud detailing on the heel and these are probably the nicest I've seen so far. They also come in beige or black but in my experience of beige suede shoes they will just get completely wrecked on the first night out and my last pair of shoes I bought were black so this dark shade of purple is something different.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Cabin fever

onesie: river island
earrings: urban outfitters
lipstick: diva by mac

I don't think I would count this as an 'outfit' post as I'm pretty sure I wouldn't leave the house wearing this unless I was in desperate need of some milk from the shop! I've been pretty absent recently as I've had a ridiculous amount of work to be getting on with and literally haven't left the house rather than to go to uni or to get food. I ordered this one-piece from the River Island website a while back, I've been looking for a footless one because the feet are always too big for me and I quite liked this aztec print because everyone has the leopard print ones. I reckon this is what I'll be living in for the entire winter period whilst I hide away from the cold!

We had a visit from design student Nabil Nayar today who has worked for Burberry and his clothing is currently being sold in Harrods, Selfridges and has been worn by Lady Gaga which is incredible. My design project has been coming along rather slowly lately so seeing what you can achieve has really inspired me to get on with my designing and most importantly enjoy it rather than seeing it as a complete drag! I'm beginning to realise that I've got a lot of sleepless nights ahead of me...

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Lusting after #6

all items: friend of mine

I came across the brand Friend of Mine a while ago just through browsing around blogs and some fashion magazines and the clothing is really lovely. The pricing is pretty expensive, I guess I'd compare it to All Saints' pricing if not a little bit higher at times. It's the kind of clothing which I don't think I'd necessarily purchase many items from but maybe browse the styles and try to find cheaper alternatives. I love the silk skirt with the side splits, it looks like it would have great movement and could be worn on many different occasions. It's priced at £146.10 which is extremely high for a silk skirt and I've seen pretty similar ones in high street shops. I also love the route 66 leather shorts with the raw edges but they are also priced highly at £219.15 which is way out my price range but gorgeous to look at! I'd recommend having a browse around the website as the clothing has been styled really well and there is a very particular look to the overall collection, best start adding to my xmas wishlist...

Monday, 7 November 2011

You're asking for it

jumper: forever 21
skirt: forever 21
stole: topshop
necklaces: topshop
nails: barry m 

Apologies for the lack of photos tonight, I'm in a massive rush to get to this work meeting which basically involves watching health and safety dvd's and testing out all the drinks. I've just found out that I'm getting paid for being there as well which is an absolute bonus, dream job! I did my first shift on Saturday which was erm, interesting to say the least. We started with this Metal Festival and I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before but back in the day I went through a major 'emo' stage so this definitely took me back to my roots! 

I bought this jumper a few weeks ago and they only had a large left but I like my jumpers big and baggy anyway. The skirt I also bought at the same time and considering it is an extra small it's actually quite big, you never know how the sizes are going to work out with Forever 21. Tomorrow night is my friend's birthday party and the theme is 'Around The World', I don't have a clue what I'm going to dress up as so any suggestions would be lovely thanks.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Today I bought #4

wedges: topshop

I got offered a job on Wednesday for drink promotions in nightclubs/ bars around Leeds and the manager told us that with each outfit we need to wear a pair of black heels. I couldn't actually believe that I didn't own a pair of black heels, who would've thought?! I guess it's because I'm always attracted to shoes which stand out more like my Office Alignment wedges or my Topshop Leopard Print boots. So I ventured into town today and found these black lace-up wedges in Topshop which were £70, slightly steep but I couldn't find any others that were as comfortable or easy to wear as these. I'm not sure if I was meant to buy black court shoes but my feet always slip out of those styles and wedges are much easier to last long hours in. Either way, I'm predicting that these shoes will become a staple item within my wardrobe as they'll go with most outfits and I quite fancy buying some short white ankle socks to wear with them.

I haven't done an outfit post in a while because I've had a really hectic week and my housemates have all gone home for the weekend so I have no one around to take my photographs for me. I've also been swamped with work so haven't even had the chance to sit down and have some 'me time' really. Next week is looking just as busy especially since I've taken on this new job but I'll try my very best. I've also completely abandoned my nails this week which is very unlike me so I need to get back on form.