Monday, 12 December 2011

Today I bought #10

vest: topshop
dress: hearts & bows
eyelashes: boots
primer: no.7
nailvarnish: topshop (mannequin, forget me not)

I know at the moment all my posts are mainly 'Today I bought' but I've been ill for the past few days so outfit posts have been the last thing I've been up for doing! I left the house today for the first time since Thursday and had a quick spree around Merry Hill which was stupidly busy, Xmas has definitely arrived. I ended up buying this grey drop-back vest from Topshop just as a basic item for my wardrobe which I can throw on with a pair of leggings or shorts. It only cost £10 which caught me by surprise as even their basic items are usually £14-£16. I also raided the make-up section which I never usually look at and bought these two nail varnishes, I've used the mannequin one today which is shown in the last photo along with some roses and pearls I ordered from Ebay. I also bought the Topshop lipstick in Beguiled which is a deep wine colour but I stupidly forgot to photograph it, I'm not with it today! Tried to pay in Boots and removed my card without even typing in my pin code.

I had time to kill so ended up mooching around Ark which I usually walk straight past but they've got some really nice going out dresses in there. I ended up buying this leather-look black dress, it was a tie between this and a long-sleeve monochrome aztec one but I hate long sleeves on a night out. I'll definitely be popping into there again sometime soon they had a really good selection. I also bought this No.7 primer which I've read positive reviews on for a matte finish along with these eyelashes as they didn't have my usual Eyelure ones again! Off to London tomorrow for some major Xmas shopping so expect another 'Today I bought' along with an outfit post if I have time in the morning.

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