Saturday, 17 December 2011

Product review #1

Dr Sebagh Breakout Cleaner (£25.00)

I've decided to start featuring product review posts for my blog as I'm always buying new beauty products and this will remind me to actually use them rather than stash them away in a box for years. I bought this Dr. Sebagh Breakout Cleanser whilst I was in London from Harvey Nichols, my sister used to suffer from bad skin and she used Dr. Sebagh products religiously. I don't usually have bad breakouts but lately due to the unhygienic student life I've been living my skin has definitely suffered. And I'm sure every girl can relate to feeling like everything you wear looks absolutely awful along with your make-up just because you've got a few spots.

This is a foaming cleanser which you use morning and evening by applying directly to your skin and massaging into your face in a circulation motion for a few seconds. You then soak a flannel in hot water and wash the cleanser off with different sections of the flannel. I highly recommend this product, I've only being using it for a few days but I can already see a huge difference. Not only is my skin feeling softer and cleaner in general, but I have had no more spots appear and dark marks from where spots have previously been have now faded. I know the product is a high-end product and can be considered fairly pricey but it is definitely worth the extra money!


  1. If your wanting something cheaper too with the same results Liz Earle Hot cloth cleanser is really good! Glad to see you doing some product posts too!! xx

  2. Yes I use that one too, it's brilliant but I've seen too many reviews on it so thought I'd do something different! x