Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Oh the possibilities

blouse: primark
scarf: miss selfridge
leggings: topshop
double ring: miss selfridge
earrings: urban outfitters
ear cuff: miss selfridge
nails: barry m

For some reason the quality of these photos are really poor, I think my camera is slowly dying on me which means a new one has been added to my xmas wishlist. I'm just on my way to handing in my design project which is a MASSIVE relief! This blouse is really old but it never fails to provide for me when I can't be bothered to search through the hidden depths of my wardrobe. The lace bow didn't come with the blouse, it's a headband from Topshop which I did a bit of the old DIY with. I never wear pink so this scarf is a big step for me, I just think it's far too girly as a colour and don't think it suits my slightly 'orange' skintone. I'm also wearing some of my new jewellery which I featured in my previous post. I'm actually surprised that the ear cuff has stayed on but I haven't left the house yet so I won't speak too soon.


  1. Love this outfit, you really remind me of the two sisters from Desperate Scousewives, they're gorgeous so it's not a bad thing! :) x

  2. You look great, I love the ear cuff! The scarf is a great touch too :) x

  3. Thank you guys! I watch Desperate Scousewives and the twins are beautiful so not a chance haha but thank you anyway! x