Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Lusting after #9

both items: topshop

Currently taking part in my daily midnight browse of the Topshop website and I've come across a fair few things which I plan to spend my wages on (yes, I had my first ever pay cheque through!). I really love my textured knitwear at the moment, especially the marl/speckled knits in neutral shades so this cardigan immediately caught my eye. It looks as if it would be really comfortable but I always like to try items like this on in the shop so I can see the quality of the knitwear and check it's not itchy. I also love this gold ring just to add to my large ring collection, I still haven't got used to wearing silver jewellery I'm afraid, it's just not me!

Just a quick note as I'm in a rather reflective mood - I have had my fair share of negative comments over the years about looking too 'fake' with my eyelashes/nails/extensions, wearing too much make-up and sometimes 'revealing' clothing. The photos I post on my blog fully represent my personal style and what I wear on a daily basis, I'm not saying this is what people have to like or how people should be dressing. After all, fashion wouldn't exist if we all dressed the same. Believe it or not, every morning I wake up and do a full face of make-up as this is how I like to look even if I'm just popping to the local shops which some people find hard to believe. I also think that people who make these comments need to remember that you wouldn't approach somebody in the street and tell them you don't like the way they look so being behind a computer screen is no different. Anyway, rant over just thought I'd express something which has been on my mind lately. As for those who are leaving me all these lovely comments they are very much appreciated!

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  1. Just found your blog, love your style, don't change for anyone but yourself!