Saturday, 10 December 2011

First time for everything

I mentioned a while back about posting some of my university work onto my blog but I wanted to wait until I'd finished my design project so I could show the end results rather than pages of sketches. The project was based upon Yohji Yamamoto, a Japanese conceptual designer who I had come across before but can't say his collections were my style. My collection was influenced by an androgynous trend which was mysterious and dark.

These illustration boards show the final 10 outfits I produced, as you can see they are predominantly black with flashes of maroon and grey. The androgynous trend can be seen through the masculine tailoring and draped shapes which have been combined with sheer fabrics to bring through the feminine qualities.

When it comes to designing, I tend to design clothing which I would personally wear and this is mainly because I've always had a wide taste when it comes to fashion and think my taste covers a large majority of girls my age. However, I do think this will work against me in the future and believe I need to broaden my horizons so I'm not designing the 'safer' styles. Always room for improvement and it just so happens I've been struck by a severe case of the flu (obviously an exaggeration) which means plenty of time for doodles.

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  1. Wow these are fab, you are really talented. I love and would wear every single one of your designs!
    I look forward to seeing more in the future :-)

    Holli x