Friday, 30 December 2011

All time love

crop top: american apparel
leggings: american apparel
boots: topshop
rings: topshop

Obviously this is not my usual style of outfit post, I've lost my camera charger so I've had to do a snap on my iphone instead so apologies for the poor quality. I wore this outfit out last night and as you can probably tell I have a slight obsession with American Apparel at the moment. I know the clothing can be a little over-priced but I think the majority of it is good quality and I like the fact the shapes are basic and available in such a wide variety of colours. I bought this oatmeal crop top whilst I was in London a couple of weeks back, I have a feeling it was £33 but don't quote me on that. I also wore the shiny black high-waisted leggings which are incredibly comfortable, keep getting told I dress like Sandy from Grease but I'm not complaining!

I've just discovered how awful the shoe sales are this year. I went to Merry Hill to find some 'elegant' heels for nye as mine are all scuffed and chunky but literally couldn't find anything, not even any I'd begin to consider. Oh well, looks like I'll have to give my wedges a scrub and hope for the best. I also bought these three rings from the Topshop sale today which I really like, they were all half price so averaged to about £4 each which is pretty good. I broke my double cross ring today whilst driving, it got caught to my cardigan somehow (?!) so these can be my new substitutes.


  1. Your waist is tiny, this outfit looks great on you, love the shoes!