Saturday, 19 November 2011

Today I bought #5

studded slippers: topshop
lace crop: h&m
cross vest: topshop
collar top: primark
eyelashes: superdrug

My shopping trip was quite the success but I didn't manage to find the Galaxy leggings from Miss Selfridge which was disappointing so looks like I'll be ordering them online. I've been looking for the Topshop Vectra slippers for ages and they had two pairs left in the Leeds store so I snapped them up along with this cross top which I've borrowed off my housemate before and really liked it. They had a new collection within H&M today called 'Conscious' which is where I found this lace/velvet crop top. I tried it on with a pair of high-waisted leggings but also reckon it'll look good with my disco shorts on a night out. As you can see I've been buying/ wearing mostly dark colours lately so I bought this Peter Pan top to brighten things up which has a pastel floral print and is quite loose fitting so will look good with my ripped denim shorts and some little frilly socks. 

I always buy the same Eyelure eyelashes from Boots but they had none left so I went into Superdrug and tried their new own brand of false eyelashes. I haven't tried them yet so I have no idea what they'll look like as I'm so stuck in my own ways with my Eyelure ones! They had a really wide range but I went for Edition 31 which looked the fullest and longest. I'm dashing to get ready for work at the moment and praying the dresses we're wearing tonight aren't completely hideous, fingers crossed!

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  1. Love those slippers and the cross top. I really want the galaxy leggings too, they're gorgeous!