Sunday, 27 November 2011

Lusting after #8

wedges: miss selfridge
bag: river island

My lovely momma cooked the most fabulous Sunday roast today so now I'm tucked up in bed feeling stuffed and watching Sex and The City...and browsing clothing websites of course! I saw these wedges when I went shopping on Friday, they are super cool with the large buckles and stud detailing. The only teeny tiny thing which put me off was the heel wasn't actually that high plus the fact they were £75 so definitely another addition to my Xmas list which so far consists of shoes, shoes and more shoes. I also saw this huuuuuge bag on my shopping trip, I'm not entirely sure what occasions this would come in useful but who cares, it's beautiful! Again it's priced at £150 so wasn't that tempted to splash out on a bag which I'm not going to be using most days. 

I've decided to stay home for an extra day just to relish the home-cooked meals and central heating plus I work much better at home as there are less distractions (and the internet is slower so I don't spend my day watching 90210!) I'm off to the cinema to see the new Twilight movie...I'm not getting my hopes up as I've heard many mixed reviews but I'll be sure to do an outfit post.

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