Saturday, 1 October 2011

We like short shorts

top: miss selfridge
shorts: topshop
boots: river island

Thought I'd take advantage of the amazing weather we are having at the moment and take some snaps outside plus the lighting in our house is horrendous. Don't get me wrong, I am loving this hot weather but the amount of chavs I have seen walking around topless with their pale hairy chest out is unappetising to say the least. I popped into Leeds town today for a little mooch around, it was so busy and too hot to wear leggings or tights so I went for these camel denim shorts which are slightly high-waisted and don't end up giving me a wedgie. I bought this Maddona vest a while back and it comes in useful when I can't really be bothered but it still makes quite a statement. I do like these vest shapes with the low armholes and a photograph on the front as they can also be worn on nights out with some form of shorts.

I did buy some clothes today which was inevitable, but I'm gonna do a post about them tomorrow as I don't wanna just put links to the items I've bought so I'm gonna take some photos. Planning on having a night in watching X Factor with the girls and probably eating a load of junk food which I really shouldn't be eating but oh well!

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  1. You look lovely here as per :) I love your shorts! I know what you mean about chavs getting their chests out, it is never too hot to take your top off! x