Sunday, 2 October 2011

Today I bought #2

shirt: topshop
striped shorts: topshop
pu shorts: h&m
lipglosses: collection 2000

I am still sat up at 2am doing uni work and got incredibly bored so thought I'd switch over to doing a new post instead. Technically this isn't what I bought today and it's now past midnight but whatever. I saw this checked shirt and immediately pictured it with my high-rise denim shorts so couldn't resist. It was £26 and I probably could've found a cheaper alternative but it was there right in front of me so I just got it. The striped denim shorts I have been wanting for ageeees and keep seeing the jeans version but never the shorts. I reckon it was fate (that's gonna be my excuse anyway) because as I was queuing for the changing rooms someone discarded them onto the rack so I immediately grabbed them and they just happened to be my size. It's the same with these PU running style shorts, I saw them on someone ages ago and then randomly came across them in H&M today all on their lonesome so thought I'd give them a good home. 

I am aware these lipglosses both look exactly the same shade but the Creamy Puff one is a moisturising matte-look one and smells really good and the Look and Hold one is extra glossy and a little sticky but stays on all night which is a must. The Creamy Puff one is actually more of a lip cream and I bought it in Powder Puff 2 which is a nude shade and can be worn on it's own. The Lock and Hold one is a shade called Rock Steady 3 and I've never used this one before but liked the colour and thought I'd give it a go.

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  1. Those stripe shorts are amazing! Nice choice xxx