Saturday, 29 October 2011

No love lost

top: topshop
playsuit: h&m
boots: river island
earrings: urban outfitters

Sooooo happy to be home! Words cannot describe how much I have missed my mom's home cooking and the comfort of my own bed, as they say no place like home. I went with my mom to the Bullring and it was stupidly packed, had no idea it was half term I'm out of sync with everything when I'm up in Leeds. I wore my new Oversized Bird Print Top which I am I really pleased with, not only is the print much prettier than on-screen but the fabric is really soft and comfortable which makes it easy to wear. My mom loved it so much that she made me go and get her one from Topshop, but the cheeky buggars have put the price up to £28, I was not impressed at all! I wore it over my plain black playsuit and my brown chelsea boots which I feel like I've abandoned slightly ever since I bought my converse.

I was less than impressed with the Cross Skirt that I ordered from the Topshop website the other day, the fit was all wrong and the fabric was quite scratchy so I ended up returning it. I exchanged it for a pair of acid wash ankle jeans but I really don't suit jeans so I reckon I'll end up taking them back as well. I'm so jealous of girls with super long legs who can wear all these colourful/ printed jeans that are around at the moment! I also bought my Halloween outfit which I'm very excited about, I feel like a little kid carving pumpkins and hanging up cobwebs around the house. Heading back to Leeds tomorrow but I'm actually dreading it, this weekend has gone far too quickly and I'm not ready to face my mountain of work yet!

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  1. love the dress!
    ive got the same boots in black, theyre so nice :) x