Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Girls just wanna have fun

body: topshop
shorts: topshop
shoes: office
headband: h&m
bow ring: forever 21
aztec ring: primark
lipstick: ladybug mac

I knew the good weather was too good to last, nearly got blown over today by the wind in Leeds walking to uni and the windswept look is never a good one. I went out with my friend Hannah last night for some cocktails and had previously been watching Sex and the City so I was inspired by Carrie's amazing big curly hair. My attempt is obviously not as good but I quite liked it compared to my usually loose waves. I wore my friend's strapless denim-look body which was slightly risky as it kept falling down all night which wasn't great. These are my 'it's fate' shorts which I bought the other day and I'm actually in love with them, they fit like a glove and don't rise up when you walk which we can all relate to. I added the little headband just to enhance the whole 80s playful look, felt like a mini Cyndi Lauper!

I also re-did my nails the other day with these cute little flowers on my third finger, I was tempted to put them on every nail but they can be a pain when they catch onto things all the time so settled for the subtle look. Planning on having a lazy one tonight as I've got a mega long day tomorrow which I need sleep for and I'm just in the mood to eat loads of hot food and curl up with a good movie.



  1. How did you do your waves :) xxx

  2. I used the Babyliss red curling wand which gets thicker towards the top, just wrapped the hair round in small sections, sprayed with lots of hairspray and gently brushed them out afterwards :-) x