Thursday, 13 October 2011

Bad influences

jumper: primark
jacket: topshop
shoes: converse
earrings: h&m
necklace: topshop
nails: elegant touch matte nails

I'm a strong believer in retail therapy, even if I don't actually buy anything I always feel so much better after walking around the shops. But that's probably just because I'm always interested in seeing what's new in the shops and making a list of everything I want! I ended up have a slight splurge in American Apparel and bought these Disco Shorts which I've seen around for so long but never got round to ever buying. I also bought this Cropped T-shirt which is pretty plain but looks nice with a pair of leggings or shorts. American Apparel is one of those shops I walk into and could pick up everything because the clothes are very basic so I can picture what I'd wear them with and I also love the colours they use. The pricing can be a bit up and down, I reckon they're a little more expensive than Topshop but not ridiculous.

I also re-did my nails with the Elegant Touch Matte Nails and added a white flower on each third finger. The only problem I have with these nails is they're a little short for my liking but I do love the burnt orange colour. I know I haven't really mentioned my outfit but I kinda just threw it on last minute, I've literally been living in this leather jacket as it pretty much goes with everything and is so comfortable. Sometimes I can find leather jackets hard to move around in but this one is perfection. I also love this jumper from Primark because it was only £10 but has a really nice texture and a sort of 'speckled' effect which hasn't really come across in the photographs.

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