Monday, 19 September 2011

Today I bought #1

 jumper: topshop
blouse: new look
skirt: miss selfridge

Ventured up to Merry Hill today to escape all the building chaos going on at my house and was meant to buy last minute things for Leeds but ended up getting distracted by clothes and other items I really don't need. I managed to find that skirt I wanted from Miss Selfridge in black but I'm scared it's gonna get wrecked when I wear it on a night out so I might just stick to wearing it in the day. I also found this knitted jumper in the Last Chance to Buy section in Topshop and it didn't have a tag on so I was expecting it to be some ridiculous price but it was only £25 which I was pretty chuffed about so with my student discount I ended up paying only £20, love a good bargain. I also went into New Look and bought this jewelled peter pan blouse which I think might look quite good with either plain black leggings or possibly shorts depending on my mood. 

I've been looking for a good eyebrow shaping kit recently as I don't like my natural shape. I usually use a Bobbi Brown eye shadow palette with a small angled brush but lately the shade I use is looking a little dark so I bought this Eyelure kit, haven't had a play with it yet so I'll see what it's like tomorrow. Also had to buy a new bronzer as my YSL has smashed so I just picked up this cheap Rimmel one which I've used before and it's alright considering it was only £4.99 but I'm just gonna use it as a temporary one until I can afford my YSL one again. I keep seeing this Garnier body lotion being advertised and it was only £1.99 on a special offer in Boots, I'm not someone who religiously moisturises or anything but sometimes it's nice when you're in a pampering mood. 

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