Friday, 9 September 2011

They say the best things in life are free

top: topshop
shorts: topshop
necklace: primark
circle ring: h&m

Went shopping yesterday just out of pure boredom and picked up this sequin-sleeved t-shirt and black PU panelled knicker shorts from Topshop as I was in desperate need of an outfit for a night out. I'm always attracted to sequin/ sparkly things so this suited me well plus it made the outfit abit more exciting, felt slightly plain in all black. It's not exactly the same as the All Saints one which I've been after but it was loads cheaper and gives the same effect I was looking for. The knicker shorts were pretty uncomfortable to be honest, I spent half the night trying to pull them down! I can't believe some girls actually go out wearing them with no tights underneath, even the thought of doing that terrifies me.

I also bought this pink square necklace from Primark which was around £2 and adds some colour to the outfit along with my many rings and fruity nails. I've had so many people asking me where I get them done, it's so easy to do it yourself and so much cheaper I really do recommend ordering the bits n bobs off ebay. My little crystal flowers and bows arrived today so I might change things up once I'm bored of these ones and see what designs I can come up with. I'm quite liking the idea of black nails with little bows on the ends but I never really wear dark nail varnish as I like my pastel colours too much. Off for a major shop at the Bullring tomorrow so I'll no doubt post what I have purchased.

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