Saturday, 17 September 2011

Still standing

top: h&m
blouse: topshop
leggings: topshop
shoes: asos
earrings: h&m
necklaces: forever 21

Just got back from my sister's birthday celebrations at Chameleon, kind of a bar/restaurant/club which actually had a really good atmosphere but was full of 40 year old women pelvic thrusting on the dancefloor which was pretty hilarious! Had one of those weeks when you feel like everything you wear looks wrong and my skin has been awful for no reason. Since I've had all my hair extensions put back in I've been feeling alot better though, less like a bald boy and back on form! 

I know I'm representing the stripes again with this bandeau top but what can I say, I'm feeling stripes at the moment. I bought these seamed wet look leggings from Topshop a while ago but haven't really had a chance to wear them, seeming as it was abit chilly tonight and I couldn't be bothered to fake tan my legs I went for it. They are literally like a second skin but surprisingly comfortable and I love the whole leather look in the winter so will be whacking these bad boys out again soon. Wore my brown heeled chelsea boots which I always wear on nights out as they're so comfortable and go with pretty much anything which is an added bonus. 

Gonna have to re-do my nails again soon as these are starting to look abit withered and the little bows keep catching on everything which is really annoying but they are dead cute. I think as I'm back in Leeds next week and I'll be going out loads I'll just stick to a block colour so they last and go with all my outfits but I'll see how I feel. I'm on the hunt for a midi skirt at the moment that I can wear during the day but also on nights out, preferably one which is shorter at the front and longer at the back so I'm gonna raid the shops tomorrow and see what I can find.


  1. How can you look so good all the time!! Your outfits are amazing! xx

  2. Awh that's such a lovely thing to say, thank you! But trust me I have felt rough alllllll week! x