Monday, 12 September 2011

Someone like me

dress: love
shoes: topshop
necklaces: topshop

Decided against going to Merry Hill today as I'm completely poor at the moment due to way too many shopping trips, need to start saving for uni. Anyway, so this is the dress that I bought the other day at the Bullring for my friend's birthday. I'd seen it on the inlovewithfashion website a few days before and luckily they had it in the store. They also did the dress in a rust colour and black but the fabric was stiff and not a light soft one like this. I've never really worn a cut-out dress before because I usually see really revealing ones that look really cheap but I think because this one isn't too tight it looks way better. Unfortunately, I spilt about 20 shots of apple sourz down this dress so I'm hoping the stains will come out in the wash otherwise I'm gonna cry!

I also splashed out on these leopard print shoe boots, was really in need of a nice pair of going out shoes as I keep wearing the same ones over and over again. I also think that these could go with pretty much anything and won't ever look dated as leopard print is always in these days. They also add that little something to the outfit which could look abit too plain if I wore them with brown or nude heels. 

I'm having all my hair extensions put back in on Thursday which I am stupidly excited about, fed up of these clip-ins already, they're so uncomfortable and I'm constantly trying to hide all of the clips. I went to have a colour match the other day so hopefully they will blend in well with the ombre style I've got at the moment. Also planning on re-doing my nails today if I don't end up being far too lazy, if so I'll post photos tomorrow.

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