Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Pull yourself together

nail polish: Barry M 

I haven't moved out of bed all day, think I've got an ear infection so I've been moping around feeling very sorry for myself and dosing up on paracetamol. Really don't wanna be ill for moving back to uni next week so gonna have a few quiet nights in so I can revive myself! I managed to get round to doing my nails last night whilst I was watching tv and I decided on black nail polish with the little pink crystals bows at the bottom centre of the nail. They were fairly easy to do, the only problem I had was the nail polish literally took a lifetime to dry so when I went to stick the bows on they were smudging the polish which made them look abit messy. I had to do a little bit of re-painting and mopping up with nail polish remover but they seemed to turn out alright. 

Not exactly in the right state to post what I am currently wearing as it consists of a large baggy t-shirt and shorts which I don't exactly want the world to see! I'm planning on going shopping tomorrow for last minute uni bits n bobs so if I manage to drag myself out of bed I'll take some photos. Anyway, back to bed and Pretty Little Liars I go!


  1. Ah I love your nails they look fab! Where do you buy your nail art bits and bobs from? Hope you feel better soon :) x

  2. I just went onto ebay and ordered loads of random bits n bobs, thank you v much! x