Friday, 2 September 2011

My excuse is that I'm young

corset: topshop
skirt: topshop
belt: river island
bag: vivienne westwood
aztec ring: primark
cage ring: bijou brigitte
lipstick: mac chili

Ventured into Birmingham last night for my friend's birthday, planned on going to Mechu but it was dead so ended up in Walkabout and wow...was that an eyeopener! Anyway, so I wore this black corset which is really old and abit of an awkward length so I've never worn it before plus the boning sometimes sticks out and makes me look like I have funny ribs. But in all honesty last night I was too drunk to care. I tucked it into a denim polka dot full skirt which made the outfit look more playful and added the brown belt to emphasise the waist and make it more flattering. I also wore my brown high heel chelsea boots from asos but I always wear them so didn't really need to take another photo. I got the clutch bag for my 18th birthday and it is literally my pride and joy, sometimes I'm too scared to take it out incase I loose it and it is slightly on the large size but Viv can do no wrong! I always get drunk people asking me why I'm carrying around some sort of musical instrument case.

Also went into the Bullring today to pick up some new hair extensions as mine are pretty much rat's tails and smell disgusting. I also needed some new foundation and usually I'm very loyal and always stick to Mac but I keep seeing this Illamasqua make-up everywhere so I had a little look and tried some testers and decided to buy their Rich Liquid foundation. The assistant says it's very thick and has good coverage which is what I like so I'll give it a go tomorrow and see what I think.

I ordered some nail bits and bobs off ebay recently and they arrived the other day so when I was bored I decided to re-do all my nails and jazz them up abit. I used 17 Fairy Cake polish and then used tiny nail gems in pink and silver around the cuticles which I actually quite like but it took alot of time and patience! I've also ordered some little 3D bows and flowers so when they arrive I'll give them a go.

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