Saturday, 3 September 2011

Lusting after #3

coat: topshop
shoes: jeffrey campbell

I actually can't believe it's a Saturday night and I'm home alone watching Richie Rich with a bowl of special k, actually quite enjoying myself though. Had all of my hair extensions removed today so I now feel like I am bald and have to use clip-in extensions for 2 weeks which I hate because they're so uncomfortable and it's quite difficult to hide the clips when you wear as many as I do!

Saw this Faux Fur Boyfriend Coat on the Topshop website and it was love at first sight. I love the wide faux fur lapels and also the colour of the coat but I'm not sure about the length, I'm so short I think it might reach down to my knees which would look really odd so I need to try it on in the store before I consider purchasing it. I did buy that leather jacket from Topshop last week but they always do such nice winter coats that I can never resist.

I know everyone is banging on about Jeffrey Campbell shoes at the moment and to be perfectly honest I wasn't a massive fan until I came across the Skate style and nearly fell off my chair, they are so beautiful! I would be absolutely lethal on a night out in them though. They're priced at around £115 which isn't too bad but I'm not sure where abouts they are stocked in the UK and I never really order shoes off the internet as I'm a 5/6 and can't be bothered faffing around sending them back if they don't fit. I'll have to do my research and find out where I can go and try them on in a store.

I'm going to my friend's 21st vintage tea party tomorrow and I'm really stuck on what to wear. I don't really do the whole vintage look as I'm not a huge fan and don't really shop anywhere that has a major vintage style. I do like the whole 'granny' look with the large baggy cardigans and stuff but that's about as far as I go really. Gonna have to spend the night raiding my wardrobe to find something for it.

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  1. ahhhh that coat! I literally just bought that coat on Friday its AMAZING! :)