Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Girl with a golden touch

jumper: primark
playsuit: h&m
necklaces: both topshop
earrings: urban outfitters

Finally managed to get my hair done today the way I've wanted it for the past 6 months but wasn't able to cause of my hair extensions. And I'm actually really happy with it! I thought the girl didn't have a clue what she was doing but she proved me wrong. I just had some dark roots added to my hair aka. 'ombre' style which will be sooo easy to maintain during the uni months when I'm lazy and have no money!

I think this is the first time I've been able to take photos of my outfit and do my post before I leave the house to go somewhere so this will go down in history. Just going to the cinema tonight to see One Day which I hope lives up to expectations as I've heard the book is really good. Kinda just wanted to look casual and comfy so wearing this knitted jumper from Primark which was about £10 and is actually really soft and nice to wear unlike many cheap knits that are abit itchy. I've just worn it over a plain black playsuit as the jumper has large holes and didn't fancy the whole 'peekaboo bra' look on this chilly evening.

I also got round to doing my nails yesterday with the fino fruit slices that I ordered off ebay and they are so adorable! The base coat is 17 Sweet Kisses with a coat of Barry M Hologram on top. I have to admit the fruit slices were an absolute mission to stick on and I even managed to get nail glue in my mouth which I don't think you understand how irritating that has been for the past day, but all worth it!


  1. Found your blog through Lookbook, really love your style :) x