Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Cosmopolitan carnage

top: h&m
skirt: river island
shoes: office
necklaces: topshop
earrings: h&m

It must constantly seem like I'm complaining about a hangover or a night out every time I post on here but hey ho, that's what being a student is all about. I went to Space last night with a group of friends, it's underground and slightly dingy but it's a good laugh and cheap drinks. I consumed way too many cosmopolitans and have spent the afternoon in lectures which is not the best place to be on a hangover. 

I haven't worn this skirt in a while, I bought it a few months ago and wore it with a lace top but it's been at the back of my drawer ever since. And yes, the stripes didn't stay away for long! I couldn't resist as they went with my shoes so perfectly and a plain black vest just looked too boring. I have to say I am so glad I purchased these shoes, not only are they amazingly comfy but they also go with many outfits. I love the cut-out shape down the front, I keep seeing this design on loads of shoes at the moment and I'm a big fan.

I need to do some more posts with daytime outfits, but that's the problem when I wake up late for lectures and end up just shoving anything on, not a pretty sight! I'll try my best to make an effort tomorrow as I'm not hitting the town tonight, a night in with my girls and a good movie sounds too good.

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  1. Ah this outfit is lovely! Love the skirt and I'm wearing that top right now (great minds and all that) You look stunning here as per :) x