Sunday, 11 September 2011

Bringing back Louis

jumper: primark
shorts: topshop
belt: river island
bag: louis vuitton
rings: h&m
earrings: h&m
necklace: topshop

Been completely rushed off my feet this weekend so haven't had much time to take photos, plus I'm currently experiencing the worst day-long hangover of my entire life. I am never drinking again. On a brighter note I went to the Bullring yesterday to find a dress for this birthday party last night and managed to find one by Love in Topshop with a cut out waist, I've taken photos so I shall post them tomorrow when I have the energy. I also bought a couple of slouchy jumpers from Forever 21 and some leopard print shoe boots from Topshop which are actually amazing.

I didn't really wear the best outfit for trying on clothes as this jumper was really thick and my shorts were pinned at the back which was a massive pain to keep faffing around with. I bought this knitted jumper the other day and I do like it but the arms are quite tight and it's not very stretchy so it isn't the most comfortable jumper to wear. The shorts are stupidly old but I keep seeing polka dots everywhere at the moment so thought I'd whack them out as I haven't worn them for about 2 years. I also used my Louis Vuitton satchel bag which is a classic and goes with pretty much everything. It's quite a large size which makes it useful for shopping days and will never really go out of fashion. 

I'm re-doing my nails again tonight, I sound like an obsessive freak but the little fruity bits keep cracking off and they're starting to look abit skanky. I'm considering black polish for a change and maybe using my little pink crystal bows to decorate them with depending on how well I can get them to stick on.

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  1. Ah you look lovely here! Love the jumper, you can't tell it's from primark at all! x