Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Attention, attention

top: h&m
shorts: topshop
necklaces: topshop
bag: chanel 

I'm sat in bed eating a ham and ketchup sandwich and loving the fact that tomorrow I am not going to wake up with a banging headache wishing I hadn't drank so much wine. I can't sleep because I had the fright of my life thinking I'd lost my Michael Kors watch when infact I'd just taken it off to fake tan my arms and forgot to put it back on, silly me! Monday nights are quite casual where I usually go and I'm forever wearing little dresses or skirts so decided to go for the more casual approach tonight with denim shorts and a striped top. I bought these denim shorts today and really wanted the faded ones but they didn't have any left in my size. I always see girls on nights out with these high rise shorts on and their arse hanging out and I simply couldn't do it so whacked on a thick pair of black tights so that people weren't blinded.

I always use my little Chanel bag on nights out, it was my mom's but she kindly donated it to me, well I sort of adopted it and never gave it back. Apparently it's meant to be black but it's so old it's kind of faded to a navy blue which goes well with the denim shorts. I've realised I really miss wearing stripes, I used to wear them all the time especially back in the 'emo' days so I'm gonna start wearing them more often and bring back my love for them.

My fruit slices for my nails arrived today and as I'm doing nothing tomorrow I think I might have a play around and re-do all my nails, they all keep falling off anyway so I'm due a new set. I'm gonna stay away from pink nails for a while, they keep clashing with all my outfits or lipstick as I wear quite alot of red. I'm starting to fall asleep whilst I'm writing this and I'm probably making no sense whatsoever so bedtime for me!

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