Friday, 30 September 2011

Mission impossible

playsuit: love
belt: river island
shoes: aldo
necklace: topshop
earrings: urban outfitters
heart rings: forever 21
cage ring: bijou brigitte
circle ring: h&m

Walked all the way to my lecture today which is an absolute treck especially when it's 30 degrees, only to find out all lectures had been cancelled due to a powercut. I was not impressed but did get to spend the day in the park eating ice-cream so I wasn't too hard done to. I went to Mission last night which is probably one of my favourite clubs in Leeds but it can get pretty messy so I don't tend to wear my best clothes just in case. I bought this playsuit from the Love section in Topshop a while ago and it's one of my favourite colours and pretty easy to just throw on when you don't know what to wear. It came with a really tacky waistbelt so I used this River Island one instead which came with some shorts a while back. I also wore my aztec wedges which I haven't used since the summer, they're a size too small for me so absolutely kill my feet after a night out but it is so worth it. I keep seeing people wearing them so thought I'd whack them out whilst the weather is nice plus they jazzed up the outfit.

I'm going into town tomorrow to buy some bits and bobs for the house which we are lacking in, but no doubt I will end up buying clothes which I really don't need so I'll post my purchases. I also really want a nice denim skirt that I could wear on a day to day basis but I've always really struggled to find any that suit me so that can be my aim for tomorrow.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Cosmopolitan carnage

top: h&m
skirt: river island
shoes: office
necklaces: topshop
earrings: h&m

It must constantly seem like I'm complaining about a hangover or a night out every time I post on here but hey ho, that's what being a student is all about. I went to Space last night with a group of friends, it's underground and slightly dingy but it's a good laugh and cheap drinks. I consumed way too many cosmopolitans and have spent the afternoon in lectures which is not the best place to be on a hangover. 

I haven't worn this skirt in a while, I bought it a few months ago and wore it with a lace top but it's been at the back of my drawer ever since. And yes, the stripes didn't stay away for long! I couldn't resist as they went with my shoes so perfectly and a plain black vest just looked too boring. I have to say I am so glad I purchased these shoes, not only are they amazingly comfy but they also go with many outfits. I love the cut-out shape down the front, I keep seeing this design on loads of shoes at the moment and I'm a big fan.

I need to do some more posts with daytime outfits, but that's the problem when I wake up late for lectures and end up just shoving anything on, not a pretty sight! I'll try my best to make an effort tomorrow as I'm not hitting the town tonight, a night in with my girls and a good movie sounds too good.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Student life

jumper: topshop
playsuit: h&m
scarf: topshop
necklace: topshop
watch: michael kors

Apologies for being absolutely awful at doing a post recently, things have been hectic with moving up to Leeds and fresher's week I've been completely rushed off my feet. So happy to be back up North and in our new house. I'm actually looking forward to starting second year and beginning my projects rather than sleeping all day! Popped into Leeds town today to have a little mooch and decided to wear my new jumper which is really holey so I had to wear it over a black playsuit and thick black tights as the weather in Leeds is always ridiculously cold/windy! Used this skull scarf which I haven't worn in ages as I'm too obsessed with my McQueen one but it goes quite well with this outfit and just adds something a little extra.

I was very naughty today and managed to find the Office Alignment shoes which I wanted, used my student discount so I got 10% off but I still felt incredibly guilty when I typed in my pin code. Then it only got worse when I found the Topshop Boyfriend Coat which was £100 and I know that's really expensive but it came to £80 with my student discount plus I figure that I'll use it all the time as it's my perfect winter coat. So all in all I've broken the bank today and now can't even afford to leave the house!

Monday, 19 September 2011

Today I bought #1

 jumper: topshop
blouse: new look
skirt: miss selfridge

Ventured up to Merry Hill today to escape all the building chaos going on at my house and was meant to buy last minute things for Leeds but ended up getting distracted by clothes and other items I really don't need. I managed to find that skirt I wanted from Miss Selfridge in black but I'm scared it's gonna get wrecked when I wear it on a night out so I might just stick to wearing it in the day. I also found this knitted jumper in the Last Chance to Buy section in Topshop and it didn't have a tag on so I was expecting it to be some ridiculous price but it was only £25 which I was pretty chuffed about so with my student discount I ended up paying only £20, love a good bargain. I also went into New Look and bought this jewelled peter pan blouse which I think might look quite good with either plain black leggings or possibly shorts depending on my mood. 

I've been looking for a good eyebrow shaping kit recently as I don't like my natural shape. I usually use a Bobbi Brown eye shadow palette with a small angled brush but lately the shade I use is looking a little dark so I bought this Eyelure kit, haven't had a play with it yet so I'll see what it's like tomorrow. Also had to buy a new bronzer as my YSL has smashed so I just picked up this cheap Rimmel one which I've used before and it's alright considering it was only £4.99 but I'm just gonna use it as a temporary one until I can afford my YSL one again. I keep seeing this Garnier body lotion being advertised and it was only £1.99 on a special offer in Boots, I'm not someone who religiously moisturises or anything but sometimes it's nice when you're in a pampering mood. 

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Too many faces

jumper: next
boots: river island
necklace: topshop
earrings: urban outfitters

It dawned on me today that I've only got two more days left at home, no more home-cooked meals and freshly washed clothes but definitely glad to be returning to Leeds and seeing everyone I've missed. I was in a cosy mood today and the weather was completely crazy - warm one second and lashing it down the next so went for a jumper dress which I bought last week as it is amazingly soft and I love the little sparkly bits across the chest. I paired it with thick black tights and my brown chelsea boots which are still my favourite but are getting slightly scuffed from being worn every single day. I love the colour of this jumper aswell, it's a sort of dark blush shade which is nice for the winter and could be worn with leggings, shorts or a skirt so it's pretty versatile. 

I went on the hunt for a sheer midi skirt today and managed to find this Drop Back Ginger Skirt from Miss Selfridge for £35 (£28 with my student discount). I was hoping for a black one but they didn't have any in stock but I actually like this ginger shade, I can see it being worn with a black vest/ black strapless body and my new leopard print topshop heels. That's my first outfit sorted for next week! I might order the black one online as I reckon they're gonna be pretty useful during the winter months for day and night outfits. 

I'm absolutely shattered and feel like I need about 70 hours sleep, my eyes are dropping as I'm writing this. I've got a busy day ahead of me packing up the entire contents of my room and trying to fit it into my Mini for Tuesday so wish me luck with that, mission impossible...

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Still standing

top: h&m
blouse: topshop
leggings: topshop
shoes: asos
earrings: h&m
necklaces: forever 21

Just got back from my sister's birthday celebrations at Chameleon, kind of a bar/restaurant/club which actually had a really good atmosphere but was full of 40 year old women pelvic thrusting on the dancefloor which was pretty hilarious! Had one of those weeks when you feel like everything you wear looks wrong and my skin has been awful for no reason. Since I've had all my hair extensions put back in I've been feeling alot better though, less like a bald boy and back on form! 

I know I'm representing the stripes again with this bandeau top but what can I say, I'm feeling stripes at the moment. I bought these seamed wet look leggings from Topshop a while ago but haven't really had a chance to wear them, seeming as it was abit chilly tonight and I couldn't be bothered to fake tan my legs I went for it. They are literally like a second skin but surprisingly comfortable and I love the whole leather look in the winter so will be whacking these bad boys out again soon. Wore my brown heeled chelsea boots which I always wear on nights out as they're so comfortable and go with pretty much anything which is an added bonus. 

Gonna have to re-do my nails again soon as these are starting to look abit withered and the little bows keep catching on everything which is really annoying but they are dead cute. I think as I'm back in Leeds next week and I'll be going out loads I'll just stick to a block colour so they last and go with all my outfits but I'll see how I feel. I'm on the hunt for a midi skirt at the moment that I can wear during the day but also on nights out, preferably one which is shorter at the front and longer at the back so I'm gonna raid the shops tomorrow and see what I can find.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

No scrubs

t-shirt: forever 21
skirt: h&m
scarf: miss selfridge
bag: chanel
cross necklace: forever 21
skull necklace: topshop
earrings: urban outfitters

Still feeling pretty grim but managed to pull myself out of bed and go up to Merry Hill to get some last minute things for Leeds next week. Time has gone so quickly I can't believe it, even saw Xmas wrapping paper in Next which I thought was taking things abit too far. I did a massive Boots shop which is always so satisfying and bought all the necessities and then got sucked into La Senza and spent too much on new underwear which I don't even need but it's just too addictive.

As you can see I didn't go to great efforts today with my appearance. I went for the sort of 'scruffy' look with my hair piled up on top of my head, a loose fitting stripey t-shirt, black skirt and thick black tights. I attempted to jazz the whole thing up with this pink skull scarf just to add some colour. I don't usually wear pink apart from really nude shades but I do actually like this bright tone at the moment, bought a cardigan in a similar colour the other week but haven't got round to wearing it. I piled on the gold jewellery as usual and probably went slightly overboard with the skulls and crosses theme but I think it looks good with stripes, creates a sort of pirate theme!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Pull yourself together

nail polish: Barry M 

I haven't moved out of bed all day, think I've got an ear infection so I've been moping around feeling very sorry for myself and dosing up on paracetamol. Really don't wanna be ill for moving back to uni next week so gonna have a few quiet nights in so I can revive myself! I managed to get round to doing my nails last night whilst I was watching tv and I decided on black nail polish with the little pink crystals bows at the bottom centre of the nail. They were fairly easy to do, the only problem I had was the nail polish literally took a lifetime to dry so when I went to stick the bows on they were smudging the polish which made them look abit messy. I had to do a little bit of re-painting and mopping up with nail polish remover but they seemed to turn out alright. 

Not exactly in the right state to post what I am currently wearing as it consists of a large baggy t-shirt and shorts which I don't exactly want the world to see! I'm planning on going shopping tomorrow for last minute uni bits n bobs so if I manage to drag myself out of bed I'll take some photos. Anyway, back to bed and Pretty Little Liars I go!

Monday, 12 September 2011

Someone like me

dress: love
shoes: topshop
necklaces: topshop

Decided against going to Merry Hill today as I'm completely poor at the moment due to way too many shopping trips, need to start saving for uni. Anyway, so this is the dress that I bought the other day at the Bullring for my friend's birthday. I'd seen it on the inlovewithfashion website a few days before and luckily they had it in the store. They also did the dress in a rust colour and black but the fabric was stiff and not a light soft one like this. I've never really worn a cut-out dress before because I usually see really revealing ones that look really cheap but I think because this one isn't too tight it looks way better. Unfortunately, I spilt about 20 shots of apple sourz down this dress so I'm hoping the stains will come out in the wash otherwise I'm gonna cry!

I also splashed out on these leopard print shoe boots, was really in need of a nice pair of going out shoes as I keep wearing the same ones over and over again. I also think that these could go with pretty much anything and won't ever look dated as leopard print is always in these days. They also add that little something to the outfit which could look abit too plain if I wore them with brown or nude heels. 

I'm having all my hair extensions put back in on Thursday which I am stupidly excited about, fed up of these clip-ins already, they're so uncomfortable and I'm constantly trying to hide all of the clips. I went to have a colour match the other day so hopefully they will blend in well with the ombre style I've got at the moment. Also planning on re-doing my nails today if I don't end up being far too lazy, if so I'll post photos tomorrow.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Bringing back Louis

jumper: primark
shorts: topshop
belt: river island
bag: louis vuitton
rings: h&m
earrings: h&m
necklace: topshop

Been completely rushed off my feet this weekend so haven't had much time to take photos, plus I'm currently experiencing the worst day-long hangover of my entire life. I am never drinking again. On a brighter note I went to the Bullring yesterday to find a dress for this birthday party last night and managed to find one by Love in Topshop with a cut out waist, I've taken photos so I shall post them tomorrow when I have the energy. I also bought a couple of slouchy jumpers from Forever 21 and some leopard print shoe boots from Topshop which are actually amazing.

I didn't really wear the best outfit for trying on clothes as this jumper was really thick and my shorts were pinned at the back which was a massive pain to keep faffing around with. I bought this knitted jumper the other day and I do like it but the arms are quite tight and it's not very stretchy so it isn't the most comfortable jumper to wear. The shorts are stupidly old but I keep seeing polka dots everywhere at the moment so thought I'd whack them out as I haven't worn them for about 2 years. I also used my Louis Vuitton satchel bag which is a classic and goes with pretty much everything. It's quite a large size which makes it useful for shopping days and will never really go out of fashion. 

I'm re-doing my nails again tonight, I sound like an obsessive freak but the little fruity bits keep cracking off and they're starting to look abit skanky. I'm considering black polish for a change and maybe using my little pink crystal bows to decorate them with depending on how well I can get them to stick on.

Friday, 9 September 2011

They say the best things in life are free

top: topshop
shorts: topshop
necklace: primark
circle ring: h&m

Went shopping yesterday just out of pure boredom and picked up this sequin-sleeved t-shirt and black PU panelled knicker shorts from Topshop as I was in desperate need of an outfit for a night out. I'm always attracted to sequin/ sparkly things so this suited me well plus it made the outfit abit more exciting, felt slightly plain in all black. It's not exactly the same as the All Saints one which I've been after but it was loads cheaper and gives the same effect I was looking for. The knicker shorts were pretty uncomfortable to be honest, I spent half the night trying to pull them down! I can't believe some girls actually go out wearing them with no tights underneath, even the thought of doing that terrifies me.

I also bought this pink square necklace from Primark which was around £2 and adds some colour to the outfit along with my many rings and fruity nails. I've had so many people asking me where I get them done, it's so easy to do it yourself and so much cheaper I really do recommend ordering the bits n bobs off ebay. My little crystal flowers and bows arrived today so I might change things up once I'm bored of these ones and see what designs I can come up with. I'm quite liking the idea of black nails with little bows on the ends but I never really wear dark nail varnish as I like my pastel colours too much. Off for a major shop at the Bullring tomorrow so I'll no doubt post what I have purchased.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Girl with a golden touch

jumper: primark
playsuit: h&m
necklaces: both topshop
earrings: urban outfitters

Finally managed to get my hair done today the way I've wanted it for the past 6 months but wasn't able to cause of my hair extensions. And I'm actually really happy with it! I thought the girl didn't have a clue what she was doing but she proved me wrong. I just had some dark roots added to my hair aka. 'ombre' style which will be sooo easy to maintain during the uni months when I'm lazy and have no money!

I think this is the first time I've been able to take photos of my outfit and do my post before I leave the house to go somewhere so this will go down in history. Just going to the cinema tonight to see One Day which I hope lives up to expectations as I've heard the book is really good. Kinda just wanted to look casual and comfy so wearing this knitted jumper from Primark which was about £10 and is actually really soft and nice to wear unlike many cheap knits that are abit itchy. I've just worn it over a plain black playsuit as the jumper has large holes and didn't fancy the whole 'peekaboo bra' look on this chilly evening.

I also got round to doing my nails yesterday with the fino fruit slices that I ordered off ebay and they are so adorable! The base coat is 17 Sweet Kisses with a coat of Barry M Hologram on top. I have to admit the fruit slices were an absolute mission to stick on and I even managed to get nail glue in my mouth which I don't think you understand how irritating that has been for the past day, but all worth it!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Attention, attention

top: h&m
shorts: topshop
necklaces: topshop
bag: chanel 

I'm sat in bed eating a ham and ketchup sandwich and loving the fact that tomorrow I am not going to wake up with a banging headache wishing I hadn't drank so much wine. I can't sleep because I had the fright of my life thinking I'd lost my Michael Kors watch when infact I'd just taken it off to fake tan my arms and forgot to put it back on, silly me! Monday nights are quite casual where I usually go and I'm forever wearing little dresses or skirts so decided to go for the more casual approach tonight with denim shorts and a striped top. I bought these denim shorts today and really wanted the faded ones but they didn't have any left in my size. I always see girls on nights out with these high rise shorts on and their arse hanging out and I simply couldn't do it so whacked on a thick pair of black tights so that people weren't blinded.

I always use my little Chanel bag on nights out, it was my mom's but she kindly donated it to me, well I sort of adopted it and never gave it back. Apparently it's meant to be black but it's so old it's kind of faded to a navy blue which goes well with the denim shorts. I've realised I really miss wearing stripes, I used to wear them all the time especially back in the 'emo' days so I'm gonna start wearing them more often and bring back my love for them.

My fruit slices for my nails arrived today and as I'm doing nothing tomorrow I think I might have a play around and re-do all my nails, they all keep falling off anyway so I'm due a new set. I'm gonna stay away from pink nails for a while, they keep clashing with all my outfits or lipstick as I wear quite alot of red. I'm starting to fall asleep whilst I'm writing this and I'm probably making no sense whatsoever so bedtime for me!