Friday, 12 August 2011

Something new

(Not exactly the best photo but just something to get started.)

Lydia Faye Jones, 19 years old and currently studying Fashion Design at Leeds University.

So, I've decided to start this blog based around fashion and style which I'm gonna use to just express my thoughts on the current fashion trends, what I'm wearing these days, what styles are catching my eye and just things like that really. I know I'm slightly late jumping on the 'blog-bandwagon' but I've been so busy with starting uni and everything that settling down with a committed blog has been impossible!

I'm forever wandering around the shops and reading fashion books/magazines so think this will be a creative and constructive way to vent my obsessions rather than boring my friends with the details any longer. Finally think I've got the motivation to stick to this and make something of it rather than completely forget about something I've started and discovering it years later which I've got a bad habit of doing. I've always been quite experimental with my appearance and willing to understand styles which most people would think are hideous so reckon this is a good way to keep focused for my future and get me going in the right direction. People have always told me that I'm abit of a 'fashionista' as cringe as that term may be, and I'm always thinking about new outfits to put together and browsing through my wardrobe or online to find new ideas so just attracted to the idea of sharing what I love.

Although I'm studying Fashion Design I don't really see myself becoming an independent designer or anything, I'm much more interested in working for fashion magazines or something along those lines so guess this is is a good sort of platform to begin with. I'm not exactly expecting any massive interest to be honest, just a personal thing really so yeah, rant over and enjoy!

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  1. love the blog dear :D

    newest follower !!

    xox Effy