Tuesday, 30 August 2011

See where we land

dress: m&s
hat: new look
shoes: river island
turquoise ring: forever 21
heart rings: forever 21
cage ring: bijou brigitte

Gave my hair abit of a trim this morning, the ends were getting so raggy and I really want shoulder length hair at the moment but I'm so used to it being long. I do have hair extensions but I'm getting them removed on saturday as I've had them for about 6 months, literally going to be the worst day of my life and I plan on wearing a hat for the next two weeks!

Popped up to merry hill for a little mooch today and to look for some house bits and bobs for uni but obviously came away with clothes instead. I finally found the perfect leather jacket, it's from Topshop and is a quilted biker style with a fur collar. It was only £52 using my student discount and the leather is actually really soft unlike most cheap leather jackets which are usually really stiff and hard to move in. I also bought some knitted cardigans and that from Primark just to start stocking up for the winter.

Today I wore my mom's knitted leopard print dress which I guess is usually meant to be a top but oh well. It's a little itchy and hot to wear but the fabric is quite soft and the print isn't too bold so looks good during the daytime. I just paired it with some black tights as it's way to chilly to be bareing the legs at the moment and then my floppy hat as my hair is a greasy mop today and I really need my roots doing. Contemplating buying those Alignment wedges from Office at some point this week but gonna have to close my eyes when I enter my card pin number!

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