Monday, 22 August 2011

The real slim shady

Day #1:
dress: zara
cardigan: h&m
hat: new look
boots: topshop
sunglasses: marc jacobs
bag: all saints
Day #2:
playsuit: topshop
cardigan: topshop
hat: new look
necklaces: topshop
lipstick: mac (morange)

Managed to make it to V Festival in the end after a massive faff with tickets being sent to the wrong address and everything else that could possible go wrong! Didn't end up camping as I don't even own a tent and didn't really fancy pissing in a bush all weekend. Have to say though the highlight of the festival was Rihanna and Eminem, absolutely amazing live and definitely worth all the trouble for.

In all honesty, I know festivals are a chance to experiment with your clothing and style but the amount of ridiculous outfits I saw was unreal. Festivals are not an excuse to a. walk around with your arse hanging out in a tiny pair of denim shorts b. wear a large amount of flowers in your hair so you look like a walking bush and c. draw all over your face in black marker pen. Whatever happened with flower power and all the jazz?

Anyway, so on the first day I opted for an aztec print t-shirt from Zara which is just about long enough to wear as a dress and also paired it with a nude waterfall cardigan and my new hat which blew off a stupid amount of times due to the poor english weather. I also wore these leather boots from Topshop which I bought in the sale for £20 and look good push down to create a sort of biker look. Also used my new All Saints leather bag for the first time which I got in the sale for 50% of the original price, only thing is the opening is incredibly annoying at it's folded over and a pain in the arse to keep getting your things out of, especially in a crowd. Didn't really wanna go too over the top with fussy jewellery so just wore my long topshop pendant and a few of my usual turquoise rings.

On the second day I realised that a playsuit would be a better option as we were sitting down alot and I was probably flashing everyone in that tiny dress. So I wore this striped denim one from Topshop which is dead easy to wear and goes with pretty much everything like this leopard print cardigan to add some pattern and my floppy beige hat to hide my greasy mop of hair. I bought this skull necklace the other week and literally cannot take it off at the moment, I'm loving all this gothic style jewellery that's around in the shops and there are soo many options around. Even bought some cross earrings from Urban Outfitters today along with a large cross ring from Forever 21, however this obsession is seriously affecting my bank balance.

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