Tuesday, 23 August 2011

All that I need

body: bershka
leggings: topshop
blouse: topshop
boots: river island
bag: chanel
necklaces: forever 21

In all honesty I was in a complete get up and go mood today, had about 1001 errands to run like sorting things out at the bank, buying some things for my uni house and finally getting back in the gym after the most unhealthy weekend. So I kind of just woke up and grabbed the first thing which came to mind. I haven't worn this striped body before as I'm not really a fan of the old VPL but the leggings are so thick so you can't see one anyway.

This blouse really confused me when I first wore it, I thought it was a cape you just balanced on your shoulders but it has arm inserts which I literally only discovered the other day, idiot! These cross necklaces are the ones that I bought from Forever 21 the other week and although I like them and they were cheap, I just really don't think I suit silver jewellery so not sure if I'll be wearing them again anytime soon.

The boots are some suede ankle cowboy boots which I lived in when I was in Marbella but haven't been wearing them much in the UK just in case the rain ruined the suede. I've used that suede protection spray before on a pair of suede boots but it didn't work so this time I'm not taking the risk! I practically use this Chanel bag every single day, it's the perfect golden colour to go with pretty much everything in my wardrobe and also ideal for daytime as it's fairly big and you can wear it with a long chain or doubled over under your arm.

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