Friday, 26 August 2011

Lusting after #2

leather jacket: all saints
t-shirt: all saints

Haven't had a spare second to take any photos of my outfits over the past few days as I've been up and down the country visiting friends so I'm absolutely shattered. I love doing these posts about items I've seen lately, it gives me an excuse to internet shop for hours and also reminds me of the things I've seen but then just forget about as I have no money! This week I've been in All Saints quite a few times and keep trying to find the perfect leather jacket for the winter but they barely have any instore. I found one on the website I liked a while ago called 'Heston' but it's not on there anymore, just my luck. This one is called 'Telstar' and is £395...obviously expensive but it is All Saints after all. I like the quilting detail on the shoulders and the assymetric zip, it could definitely be worn in the day or night and would pretty much go with everything. Wishful thinking.

The sequin top is also from All Saints and is called 'Velutina Tee' and priced at £195. I'm abit like a magpie when it comes to items like this, I'm always drawn to the sparkles and sequins but it is approaching the A/W season and these types of tops always look so nice on cold winter nights out with a pair of black leggings and huge heels. I really like how this has such a basic and casual slouched shape but could look so classy and glam when worn with the right thing. I don't think this top is instore yet as it's only just come onto the website but I'm definitely keeping my eye out for this one.

Gonna have a chilled night in, possibly watch the Bachelor and paint my nails as these ombre ones have pretty much grown out and are beginning to look quite gross. I bought Models Own Blooboo the other day so may use that and post some photos.

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