Monday, 29 August 2011

I'll drink to that

shirt: topshop
leggings: urban outfitters
shoes: asos
necklace: topshop
earrings: urban outfitters
aztec ring: primark
turquoise ring: topshop
heart rings: forever 21
bracelet: kiki boutique

Bank holiday weekend is always incredibly messy so I'm currently sat in bed unable to move, suffering from the worst hangover of my life. No sympathy expected as it was all self-inflicted. Therefore I wouldn't be surprised if most of this post doesn't actually make sense as there's a high possibility I am still drunk. As my outfit today consists of a onesie and slippers I've posted photos of my outfit from last night which is slightly more interesting. I know loads of people really don't like the whole 'midriff-bareing' outfits but I do think it's okay as long as a. you are not exposing your entire stomach and b. you've got your legs covered up. So seeming as I've still got a semi-tan left from holiday I decided to go for it. The shirt is just a black cotton one which I tied in a knot, never really worn it before as it's abit plain for me. The leggings I bought last week when I was in Birmingham, saw them and just had to have them! I love the bright aztec print and they're also dead comfy which is always a bonus.

I wasn't really sure whether to go for black or tan shoes but these ones are easy to walk in and always reliable on a long night out. I re-did my nails with Models Own BlooBoo and randomly did one of them pink for no reason...but I actually quite like them, although I did keep getting loads of drunk people asking me why and I couldn't really explain! I also used a Barry M glitter coat on top just to jazz things up abit, I always like my nails to stand out. Also I keep getting asked where my pink skull bracelet is from - I got it when I was in Marbella from a tiny boutique called Kiki Boutique and I think it cost around 70 euros, not entirely sure where else you can get them from.

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