Monday, 15 August 2011

Apple a day

blouse: new look
bandeau dress: topshop
bow tie: diy
boots: river island

Absolutely gutted that one of my ombre nails fell off whilst I was changing gear today! Definitely need to invest in some better acrylic nails or nail glue. My outfit today felt slightly 'school girl/ japanese lolita-esque' what with the bow tie and buttoned up shirt but I actually quite liked it. The blouse is the one I bought yesterday from New Look which was actually really lightweight and not scratchy to wear which some cheap blouses can be. It is slightly sheer and didn't want to go for the whole 'peekaboo bra' look during the daytime so slipped a plain black bandeau dress underneath which went well with the brown leather chelsea boots. I made the little bow tie from a strip of black fabric just to give an extra little something around the collar and bring together the black of the dress. Haven't put up a photo of my hands today due to the nail disaster but I just wore my usual large stone colourful rings and my Michael Kors watch. Also on the look out for some plain cross earrings which I think I've spied in Urban Outfitters but not sure if they're still in stock, must get on that one quickly.

I've been looking for some casual daytime hats that I can use during the summer and winter months and that will go with pretty much everything just to mix things up abit as I'm not really a hat person. So I managed to find two in New Look which I've uploaded a photo of, one is a maroon trilby style with a bow which I'm planning on wearing with more casual wear. The other is a beige floppy style hat with a small bow which I can see being worn with a floaty summer dress or even black leggings and a blouse in the winter. I'll have an experiment over the next few days and raid my wardrobe to see what looks best with each.

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