Tuesday, 30 August 2011

See where we land

dress: m&s
hat: new look
shoes: river island
turquoise ring: forever 21
heart rings: forever 21
cage ring: bijou brigitte

Gave my hair abit of a trim this morning, the ends were getting so raggy and I really want shoulder length hair at the moment but I'm so used to it being long. I do have hair extensions but I'm getting them removed on saturday as I've had them for about 6 months, literally going to be the worst day of my life and I plan on wearing a hat for the next two weeks!

Popped up to merry hill for a little mooch today and to look for some house bits and bobs for uni but obviously came away with clothes instead. I finally found the perfect leather jacket, it's from Topshop and is a quilted biker style with a fur collar. It was only £52 using my student discount and the leather is actually really soft unlike most cheap leather jackets which are usually really stiff and hard to move in. I also bought some knitted cardigans and that from Primark just to start stocking up for the winter.

Today I wore my mom's knitted leopard print dress which I guess is usually meant to be a top but oh well. It's a little itchy and hot to wear but the fabric is quite soft and the print isn't too bold so looks good during the daytime. I just paired it with some black tights as it's way to chilly to be bareing the legs at the moment and then my floppy hat as my hair is a greasy mop today and I really need my roots doing. Contemplating buying those Alignment wedges from Office at some point this week but gonna have to close my eyes when I enter my card pin number!

Monday, 29 August 2011

I'll drink to that

shirt: topshop
leggings: urban outfitters
shoes: asos
necklace: topshop
earrings: urban outfitters
aztec ring: primark
turquoise ring: topshop
heart rings: forever 21
bracelet: kiki boutique

Bank holiday weekend is always incredibly messy so I'm currently sat in bed unable to move, suffering from the worst hangover of my life. No sympathy expected as it was all self-inflicted. Therefore I wouldn't be surprised if most of this post doesn't actually make sense as there's a high possibility I am still drunk. As my outfit today consists of a onesie and slippers I've posted photos of my outfit from last night which is slightly more interesting. I know loads of people really don't like the whole 'midriff-bareing' outfits but I do think it's okay as long as a. you are not exposing your entire stomach and b. you've got your legs covered up. So seeming as I've still got a semi-tan left from holiday I decided to go for it. The shirt is just a black cotton one which I tied in a knot, never really worn it before as it's abit plain for me. The leggings I bought last week when I was in Birmingham, saw them and just had to have them! I love the bright aztec print and they're also dead comfy which is always a bonus.

I wasn't really sure whether to go for black or tan shoes but these ones are easy to walk in and always reliable on a long night out. I re-did my nails with Models Own BlooBoo and randomly did one of them pink for no reason...but I actually quite like them, although I did keep getting loads of drunk people asking me why and I couldn't really explain! I also used a Barry M glitter coat on top just to jazz things up abit, I always like my nails to stand out. Also I keep getting asked where my pink skull bracelet is from - I got it when I was in Marbella from a tiny boutique called Kiki Boutique and I think it cost around 70 euros, not entirely sure where else you can get them from.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Lusting after #2

leather jacket: all saints
t-shirt: all saints

Haven't had a spare second to take any photos of my outfits over the past few days as I've been up and down the country visiting friends so I'm absolutely shattered. I love doing these posts about items I've seen lately, it gives me an excuse to internet shop for hours and also reminds me of the things I've seen but then just forget about as I have no money! This week I've been in All Saints quite a few times and keep trying to find the perfect leather jacket for the winter but they barely have any instore. I found one on the website I liked a while ago called 'Heston' but it's not on there anymore, just my luck. This one is called 'Telstar' and is £395...obviously expensive but it is All Saints after all. I like the quilting detail on the shoulders and the assymetric zip, it could definitely be worn in the day or night and would pretty much go with everything. Wishful thinking.

The sequin top is also from All Saints and is called 'Velutina Tee' and priced at £195. I'm abit like a magpie when it comes to items like this, I'm always drawn to the sparkles and sequins but it is approaching the A/W season and these types of tops always look so nice on cold winter nights out with a pair of black leggings and huge heels. I really like how this has such a basic and casual slouched shape but could look so classy and glam when worn with the right thing. I don't think this top is instore yet as it's only just come onto the website but I'm definitely keeping my eye out for this one.

Gonna have a chilled night in, possibly watch the Bachelor and paint my nails as these ombre ones have pretty much grown out and are beginning to look quite gross. I bought Models Own Blooboo the other day so may use that and post some photos.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

All that I need

body: bershka
leggings: topshop
blouse: topshop
boots: river island
bag: chanel
necklaces: forever 21

In all honesty I was in a complete get up and go mood today, had about 1001 errands to run like sorting things out at the bank, buying some things for my uni house and finally getting back in the gym after the most unhealthy weekend. So I kind of just woke up and grabbed the first thing which came to mind. I haven't worn this striped body before as I'm not really a fan of the old VPL but the leggings are so thick so you can't see one anyway.

This blouse really confused me when I first wore it, I thought it was a cape you just balanced on your shoulders but it has arm inserts which I literally only discovered the other day, idiot! These cross necklaces are the ones that I bought from Forever 21 the other week and although I like them and they were cheap, I just really don't think I suit silver jewellery so not sure if I'll be wearing them again anytime soon.

The boots are some suede ankle cowboy boots which I lived in when I was in Marbella but haven't been wearing them much in the UK just in case the rain ruined the suede. I've used that suede protection spray before on a pair of suede boots but it didn't work so this time I'm not taking the risk! I practically use this Chanel bag every single day, it's the perfect golden colour to go with pretty much everything in my wardrobe and also ideal for daytime as it's fairly big and you can wear it with a long chain or doubled over under your arm.

Monday, 22 August 2011

The real slim shady

Day #1:
dress: zara
cardigan: h&m
hat: new look
boots: topshop
sunglasses: marc jacobs
bag: all saints
Day #2:
playsuit: topshop
cardigan: topshop
hat: new look
necklaces: topshop
lipstick: mac (morange)

Managed to make it to V Festival in the end after a massive faff with tickets being sent to the wrong address and everything else that could possible go wrong! Didn't end up camping as I don't even own a tent and didn't really fancy pissing in a bush all weekend. Have to say though the highlight of the festival was Rihanna and Eminem, absolutely amazing live and definitely worth all the trouble for.

In all honesty, I know festivals are a chance to experiment with your clothing and style but the amount of ridiculous outfits I saw was unreal. Festivals are not an excuse to a. walk around with your arse hanging out in a tiny pair of denim shorts b. wear a large amount of flowers in your hair so you look like a walking bush and c. draw all over your face in black marker pen. Whatever happened with flower power and all the jazz?

Anyway, so on the first day I opted for an aztec print t-shirt from Zara which is just about long enough to wear as a dress and also paired it with a nude waterfall cardigan and my new hat which blew off a stupid amount of times due to the poor english weather. I also wore these leather boots from Topshop which I bought in the sale for £20 and look good push down to create a sort of biker look. Also used my new All Saints leather bag for the first time which I got in the sale for 50% of the original price, only thing is the opening is incredibly annoying at it's folded over and a pain in the arse to keep getting your things out of, especially in a crowd. Didn't really wanna go too over the top with fussy jewellery so just wore my long topshop pendant and a few of my usual turquoise rings.

On the second day I realised that a playsuit would be a better option as we were sitting down alot and I was probably flashing everyone in that tiny dress. So I wore this striped denim one from Topshop which is dead easy to wear and goes with pretty much everything like this leopard print cardigan to add some pattern and my floppy beige hat to hide my greasy mop of hair. I bought this skull necklace the other week and literally cannot take it off at the moment, I'm loving all this gothic style jewellery that's around in the shops and there are soo many options around. Even bought some cross earrings from Urban Outfitters today along with a large cross ring from Forever 21, however this obsession is seriously affecting my bank balance.

Friday, 19 August 2011

All black everything

dress: all saints
necklaces: topshop
shoes: asos
lipstick: mac (ladybug)

So I can't exactly upload photos of my outfit today as it consists of my pj's and a massive hoody due to a serious hangover but these photos are of my outfit last night. I haven't worn a LBD in ages and to be honest I only have about three in my wardrobe as I usually find them quite plain and boring. This All Saints one is pretty old from about 2/3 years ago and I've only worn it once before on New Year but have revived my love for it recently. You can't wear this with a bra as the back is exposed with a criss-cross pattern so I felt slightly exposed last night especially since it is really tight fitting! I felt it looked quite plain without any jewellery so added my two new gold necklaces from Topshop to add to the 'gothic' look and then brighten everything up with a red lip.

I am literally obsessed with these heeled chelsea boots from ASOS at the moment, ever since they arrived the other week I have worn them every night out because they go with everything and are also dead comfy. Have had an absolute mare with V festival tickets but hopefully will make it and post my festival outfits.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Where's Wally?

striped bandeau: new look
blouse: topshop
necklace: topshop

Went to the Bullring today to pick my friend up from the station who is coming to V festival with me this weekend, so excited and just found out the weather is forecast to be sunny which makes it even better, nothing worse than a cagoule. I'm so proud of myself as I managed to be in the Bullring and not buy any form of clothing which is pretty much unheard of in my life. I did however buy a gold skull necklace and gold cross necklace from Topshop which I'm planning on wearing together as a sort of duo thing as they're kind of the same look. Really loving all this religion jewellery at the moment but most Topshop jewellery I just find really overpriced and the metal just ends up going rusty and mank.

Today I wore my red striped bandeau dress which is abit figure hugging but looks good underneath a floaty blouse or something. I haven't worn this blouse during the day before as I usually wear it on a night out over a bodycon dress but really love the cut out detail at the back and the assymetric hemline. I also wore my rose gold cross necklace from Topshop which suits the peach tone of the blouse and my brown chelsea boots from River Island. As you can probably tell by now I am a Topshop-aholic and it's not because everyone else shops there, I literally just always find what I'm looking for in there, it's always reliable and reckon the quality of the clothing is probably some of the best on the highstreet.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

McQueen dreams

jumper: h&m
leggings: topshop
scarf: alexander mcqueen
necklace: forever 21
metal ring: bijou brigitte
stone ring: h&m
cuff: primark
lipstick: mac (diva)

Woke up on the wrong side of bed this morning but a free half chicken in Nando's and The Inbetweener's Movie has helped to improve things! Was in one of those moods today where I was opting for comfort rather than too much fuss so just slipped on my h&m knitted jumper which I've been wearing over the summer as it's fairly lightweight and not itchy like most cheap knits. Also wore my Alexander McQueen scarf which my lovely mother bought me for my 19th birthday! These scarves are pretty much classics and I didn't want the typical black and white one which everyone has, plus the camel and red goes well with most of my clothes. Haven't worn black leggings in sooo long and they're a staple item within my wardrobe as I can't wear jeans due to my short-leg syndrome plus I reckon they're quite slimming with a long top.

Decided to use a dark purple shade on my lips called Diva by Mac which I bought last winter and haven't been able to use lately as it doesn't really look right in the summer. The necklace I'm wearing is my new tribal one from Forever 21 which is actually really heavy to wear but looks the part so I'll put up with it. Also wore my new metal ring from a little boutique in Marbella called Bijou Brigitte which I haven't got round to wearing as I completely forgot I even had it and randomly came across it today. It kind of restricts your finger movement which proved difficult when tackling a Nando's chicken, but hey!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Lusting after #1

shoes: office
dress: stylestalker

Obviously I'm gonna have days where I don't get ready at all and just mooch around the house in a hoody and shorts so on days like this by posts will mainly feature items I'm wishing for at the moment or maybe just about general styles I've spotted recently, see how I feel on the day.

Anyway, so recently I saw these wedges from Office called Alignment which haven't hit stores just yet but I think are absolutely amazing. I'm loving the low cut front and the suede contrast toe which will look great paired with black tights and a dress during the winter. These are perfect for nights out as the heel is 5.5cm which I need as I'm only 5'3 and the fact they are wedges means they will be comfier and easier to last the night in. They're priced at £95 which is a little out of my price range at the moment so got some major saving up to do!

The dress is from Stylestalker and I came across it whilst browsing the website, they used to have a concession stall of Stylestalker in Selfridge's but I'm pretty sure it's disappeared now. What I like about this dress is that although the knot detail and cut out sides reveal some skin, it still looks casual and could be worn during the day. I'm going to V Festival this upcoming weekend and this would be perfect with some black grungy boots, a few necklaces/rings and natural beach wavey hair. I also love the dip dye effect that has been used with neutral earthy tones to create a washed out hippy look. The dress is 99$ which is roughly £60 which I think is quite pricey for a t-shirt dress but it is unique and unlike anything I've seen on the highstreet lately.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Apple a day

blouse: new look
bandeau dress: topshop
bow tie: diy
boots: river island

Absolutely gutted that one of my ombre nails fell off whilst I was changing gear today! Definitely need to invest in some better acrylic nails or nail glue. My outfit today felt slightly 'school girl/ japanese lolita-esque' what with the bow tie and buttoned up shirt but I actually quite liked it. The blouse is the one I bought yesterday from New Look which was actually really lightweight and not scratchy to wear which some cheap blouses can be. It is slightly sheer and didn't want to go for the whole 'peekaboo bra' look during the daytime so slipped a plain black bandeau dress underneath which went well with the brown leather chelsea boots. I made the little bow tie from a strip of black fabric just to give an extra little something around the collar and bring together the black of the dress. Haven't put up a photo of my hands today due to the nail disaster but I just wore my usual large stone colourful rings and my Michael Kors watch. Also on the look out for some plain cross earrings which I think I've spied in Urban Outfitters but not sure if they're still in stock, must get on that one quickly.

I've been looking for some casual daytime hats that I can use during the summer and winter months and that will go with pretty much everything just to mix things up abit as I'm not really a hat person. So I managed to find two in New Look which I've uploaded a photo of, one is a maroon trilby style with a bow which I'm planning on wearing with more casual wear. The other is a beige floppy style hat with a small bow which I can see being worn with a floaty summer dress or even black leggings and a blouse in the winter. I'll have an experiment over the next few days and raid my wardrobe to see what looks best with each.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Just one of those days

vest: topshop
leggings: river island
waistcoat: topshop
boots: michael kors
glasses: hugo boss
watch: michael kors
nails: barry m + 17

Popped to the Bullring today just to get out the house and have abit of a wander, also majorly wanted to raid the jewellery section in Forever 21 as everyone keeps going on about it. Got to admit, it is the largest selection of jewellery I have ever come across, almost slightly too overwhelming and didn't really know where to look first. Ended up buying two cross necklaces, one encrusted with turquoise stones and one plain silver one as I'm trying to break my habit of only wearing gold. But obviously couldn't help picking out this massive tribal style gold necklace encrusted with bronze stones which looked like something out of topshop but at least half the price. I said I wouldn't buy any clothes this week but couldn't resist this nude long sleeves shirt with a colourful floral pattern from New Look which I can picture pairing with a plain bandeau dress and my chelsea boots. I'm a complete sucker for anything that is chiffon and draped with an interesting pattern! In fact, saw this Bleach Python Shirt in All Saints which I would give my left arm for but it was £120 which I can't help thinking is just way too overpriced for what it actually is.

My outfit today was pretty casual and easygoing, just a plain denim colour vest with a denim waistcoat and aztec pattern leggings to add a little fun and character. They're also dead comfy to wear and quite thick so will be good for the upcoming chilly winter months. Also wore my brown Michael Kors wedges which I bought in the sale in Spain but are slightly too big for me so need to invest in some insoles pronto! Managed to do my nails in an ombre style last night starting with a bright pink and fading to a neutral shade, actually quite like this style and might try it again with a different colour maybe turquoise or something.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Jack Sparrow

bandeau dress & cardigan: topshop
boots: river island
necklace: topshop
feather hair clip: topshop
aztec ring: primark
turqoise ring: topshop
small rings: h&m
nail polish: barry m

Made the stupid mistake of going to Merry Hill today and it was absolute mayhem; prams being thrusted into my ankles, large groups of chavs shouting obscenities and the worst drivers EVER. Anyway, just popped up to have a mooch and managed to get Lee Stafford Argan Oil which I've been trying to hunt down for the past three weeks and finally managed to get some today. It's supposed to be like Moroccan Oil which I found really improved the condition of my hair but the price tag was abit hefty so Lee Stafford's version is the high street equivalent at half the price. I'll give it a go over the next week or so and let you know the results.

Today I fancied going for the 'granny look' as my dad calls it, with a large knitted cardigan from Topshop which has a kind of aztec/ geometric pattern in my usual brown and neutral tones. These aztec patterns have been really popular during S/S '11 and it seems they're following us into A/W '11 which I'm not complaining about! I just teamed it with a black bandeau dress and thick black tights so the pattern stood out more and some brown leather chelsea boots from River Island. I picked these up the other day as I've been looking for a mid-heel ankle boot just for during the day to give me slightly more height and plus I usually find flat shoes really uncomfortable. I can tell these are the types of boots that are gonna match with pretty much everything in my wardrobe and therefore won't be taking them off, ever!

The jewellery I picked is abit mis-match with different coloured stones and patterns but I always wear random jewellery as I've got so many faves I just put them all on together. Plus I don't really think you can go wrong with wearing different types of jewellery even mixing gold and silver, anything goes to me really. I tend to wear more gold than silver anyway as it suits my skintone more and I've always liked the ghetto gold tacky jewellery. I'm loving the jewellery in New Look at the moment, they've got loads of large coloured stone rings for around £4 so I picked up a few today on my travels. Considering doing my nails in an ombre style tonight that I keep seeing in magazines and always say I'll give it a go, if I get round to it I'll post photos tomorrow.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Something new

(Not exactly the best photo but just something to get started.)

Lydia Faye Jones, 19 years old and currently studying Fashion Design at Leeds University.

So, I've decided to start this blog based around fashion and style which I'm gonna use to just express my thoughts on the current fashion trends, what I'm wearing these days, what styles are catching my eye and just things like that really. I know I'm slightly late jumping on the 'blog-bandwagon' but I've been so busy with starting uni and everything that settling down with a committed blog has been impossible!

I'm forever wandering around the shops and reading fashion books/magazines so think this will be a creative and constructive way to vent my obsessions rather than boring my friends with the details any longer. Finally think I've got the motivation to stick to this and make something of it rather than completely forget about something I've started and discovering it years later which I've got a bad habit of doing. I've always been quite experimental with my appearance and willing to understand styles which most people would think are hideous so reckon this is a good way to keep focused for my future and get me going in the right direction. People have always told me that I'm abit of a 'fashionista' as cringe as that term may be, and I'm always thinking about new outfits to put together and browsing through my wardrobe or online to find new ideas so just attracted to the idea of sharing what I love.

Although I'm studying Fashion Design I don't really see myself becoming an independent designer or anything, I'm much more interested in working for fashion magazines or something along those lines so guess this is is a good sort of platform to begin with. I'm not exactly expecting any massive interest to be honest, just a personal thing really so yeah, rant over and enjoy!